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does your little one ever cry for you WHILE your holding them?

my little one is 3 years and 3 months. Whenever she is scared or upset she cries that she wants her mommy...... Even if I am the one that is holding her. She has always done this so it never occurred to me that this might not be normal,

Does anyone else's little one do this even when they are holding them?
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Re: does your little one ever cry for you WHILE your holding them?

  • Sorry, I don't have an experience with that. Hopefully it's just a phase especially since everything at this age seems to be tragic.
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  • ZimgerZimger member
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    Mommy (aka) the toddler safe word. ;)

    Just be reassuring. I'm sure she knows it's you holding her. At this age, when they become upset, their communication system shuts down. That's why it's impossible to reason with an upset toddler. After they calm down it's much easier. Even as adults this can happen if we are stressed enough. We struggle with reason and our focus gets whacked out...and we've had years of practice!

    They also have trouble articulating themselves. When she is upset she may not be able to pull together a thought like "Mom, that noise scared me! What was that? So she just goes into panic mode.

    My oldest does this, usually when he is overtired.

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