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brown spotting

I MC last October with my first pregnancy at 8 weeks. The us then showed the baby measuring at 6, they seen a heartbeat but never said the BPM I'm guessing because it was irregular. Today, I thought I was 7 weeks. Saturday I started spotting brown discharge and went ahead and went to the doctor. My US today showed 6w4d which they said was normal. The HB was 113 BPM. And they said everything looked good so far. I'm still on edge I go back next Tuesday for another US to check for a weeks growth. I pray the brown spotting will subside here soon and next week will make me breathe a little easier. They did also find a good size cyst on my right ovary. But they didn't seem concerned. Just wanted to share my story and maybe give someone else a little hope that things can still be okay.

Re: brown spotting

  • Sending you good vibes! I hope everything is ok on Tuesday. Make sure to update!
  • TML13TML13 member
    I know this is a few days late but the brown spotting could just be your body getting rid of the old blood. And I have a cyst on my right one as well, but my doctor said that's the side the baby came from and will go away. And as imh1512 said, be sure to let us know about your u/s :)
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