Parenting after 35

Aunt Flo. Ugh.

I'm 10 weeks postpartum, exclusively breastfeeding / pumping. And AF is back. My OB was shocked that my periods stated up again at 4 months with the last kid, while nursing. Just wait until my checkup next week when he hears about this.

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Re: Aunt Flo. Ugh.

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    Oh lord that stinks!  I am so not rubbing it in but I guess I was one of the lucky ones in that breastfeeding was a great form of birth control.  I didn't get my period back until I completely weaned my daughter at close to a year so we could try and get pregnant with my second.  I nursed him for 15 months and my period came back around 12 months.  I DID NOT miss it!

    Sorry that is crap luck!  

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  • That's a bummer. Ovaries done with maternity leave too?
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  • Mine came back 6 weeks pp. I can relate. It sucked.
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