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safety and the ex.....

a little over a year ago my ex got a dui and then continued driving on the suspended license he had. this resulted in two back to back arrests and jail time. recently he told me he doesnt think his license is currently valid. in addition to this the last 2 times i went to get my 3yo daughter from him she was either in the front seat or the back just buckled in . now i know this may seem petty but considering his driving record (knowing that he has run from the cops on multiple occasions to avoid arrest for suspended license) and the fact that he may be driving suspended yet again i worry for her safety and dont want her in the car with him until he can prove hes driving safely and legally.... (i JUST found a friend of a friend who can run his name so we'll see how that comes back) do i have any say in this or do i have to release her to this jackass and cross my fingers?? i feel like the courts wont care.  
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Re: safety and the ex.....

  • The courts should care, this is a 3yo in a car with a dude that has no regard for traffic safety or the law.  I'd bring it up to a lawyer.  If you can get picture proof, that's a bonus.  Go with your gut, you're mama bear.  Show him your claws if he is going to break the law while caring for your child.  
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  • My ex doesn't have a valid license either. From what he's told me, it was suspended after he failed to report an accident YEARS ago and he COULD get it back now if he just wanted to pay the fines. He doesn't have a car, though, so it isn't something I worry about on a daily basis. When we were married, however, he would drive my car as he pleased. (He was emotionally abusive and this was one of our big issues.)

    If he were to drive my daughter around without a license, and not in a car seat, I would call DHS/CPS. Even if they weren't going to do anything about it, at least you'd have a complaint on file.

    My situation is a little different, but my lawyer told me when we go to a judge (for the divorce and custody) my ex may be ordered to get his license back. There is no real reason he shouldn't have it.        
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