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My LO will not wear a hat anymore. No baseball hats, sun hats, sun glasses - nothing! It wouldn't bother me, but I feel like he should be wearing one in the sun. Last year he wore it no problem but this year he has decided No Way.  Anyone else have this problem? He also doesn't have the fullest head of hair in the back; so I am worried he is gonna get burned.  I tried rubbing sunscreen on his scalp but it turned into such a greasy mess.  Any other ideas what to do? 

Re: Hats!

  • Same boat and only thick peach fuzz for hair. I've just been slathering on the sunblock, but it really is a greasy mess. I saw something on lucie's list about the wide-brimmed hats with ties that kids can't undo, but I a) don't want to spend more money on hats and b) know my LO would just pull and pull until he hurt himself. If he doesn't want a hat on, he yanks on it like crazy. I read something else about training your child to wear hats--take them in if they take off the hat, allow them to try again, repeat as necessary, but I don't think LO is old enough to understand that yet. So, all of that to say: I got nuthin'!
  • All I have is sympathy. I took LO running and at some point he tossed his hat and I didn't notice until we got home. I retraced some of my steps, but I wasn't willing to do the whole 5k again and so I texted DH who was in his way home and he drove the route and found it.
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  • My LO is a hat tossed on walks too. We retraced a 2+ mile walk only to find it at the very end. Argh.
  • Both my kids have been hat refusers (and shoe refusers, sock refusers, etc.) at times. LO had a hatred for hats all winter, but they stayed on because he couldn't get them off with mitts. Spring rolls around, no mitts and off come the hats. I think I've got him to mostly concede now though. I'm a little obsessed with hats since both my kids have fine, fair hair and fair skin. I get really paranoid if either one is out without a hat for any length of time. I just insisted. Kept putting it back on and definitely use hats with a chin strap. But I'm also paranoid about strangulation (apparently I have paranoia problems!), so my favourite hats are Puffin brand - I think it's a Canadian company, so not sure if you can get them in the US. They're also pricey, but I really think they're worth it. They have really wide brims for protection, super cute fabric designs, a toggle thing that adjusts so the strap can be right under their chin and they don't seem to notice it as much, but also a safety mechanism that allows the chin strap to come undone if they're tugged. But it wouldn't come undone with the average child tugging - it would have to be more forceful. Can you tell I love these hats? And while they're pricey, DD is on her third summer with hers.
  • None of my kids have worn hats once able to reach up and yank that thing off. If I were to put a hat on my baby now that strapped on so she couldn't get it off, she'd probably shank me if she could. We just try to stay in the shade when possible. For as much time as we spend in the sun (lived in TX now FL near the beach), I really haven't had a problem with it but we have olive skin so maybe that's why.
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  • I just bought a new hat without a strap and C keeps it on more so than the strap ones.... I think the strap bothered her.
  • smushismushi member
    We went to the beach last week, and it's kind of a war you just have to be prepared to win.  Keep putting it on every time they take it off and eventually you win.

  • smushi said:

    We went to the beach last week, and it's kind of a war you just have to be prepared to win.  Keep putting it on every time they take it off and eventually you win.

    This exactly. Dd throws the hat off in the beginning but as long as I kee putting it on (especially when she's distracted) eventually she just leaves it.
  • Zac wore them then didn't. Then one day he realized dad wore one all the time. Store his put it on. And from then on was more interested in wearing his own. Super thin hair so made me happy. We use colorscience sunforgettable sunscreen it's a powder and I buy it in fair matte so I used it on his head when in the sun wo a hat. Doesn't make a greasy mess like the others.
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