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34 weeks and miserable

Hi ladies-
Ftm here and I'm just at the top of the spiral staircase headed down into crazy land. Hoping someone can talk me down.

The last two weeks have been almost unbearable starting with excruciating left rib pain. Saw obgyn last week and sono confirmed nothing out of whack, just uterus pushing out of place. In addition to that pain, everyday I wake up with something new: pain in my fingers so bad that I can't make a fist, headaches, pelvic pain and zero sleep. I keep taking days off of work because I pretty much can't function. I've been at my job 7 years so I feel fairly secure that even if I blow thru the vacation time that I planned to take on top of my std mat leave that they stI'll will allow me time but I just don't know how I will get thru another 6 weeks of this. I miss shaving my legs and pooping without needing an engineering degree to figure out the best way. I miss long runs after work. I miss feeling happy and not feeling hateful cranky and miserable. I miss not hurting all the time. And I miss not complaining! I've been crying all day feeling so guilty that I'm so blessed to be having this baby but at the same time jealous of others who sail thru preg with zero complaints. I knew 3rd would be hard but not this hard. Thanks for indulging my meltdown.

Re: 34 weeks and miserable

  • Hang in there... My first pregnancy was cake compared to this one! I got in the car this morning and just wanted to cry. Not being able to sleep really escalates all things! Hip pain, back pain, groin pain, hot flashes, headaches, peeing, kicks in the bladder, nerves, etc. and not being able to breath! Yeah sounds familiar!
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  • I swear I could have written this word for word myself. I feel your pain, literally. I had a meltdown yesterday and started crying hysterically because I was so hungry. My body hurts so bad and I am miserably tired. I want to duck tape my coworkers mouth closed because the sound of his non stop talking is like nails on a chalkboard to me. I keep telling myself I only have 5 more weeks left. 2 weeks and 3 days of work. I should have taken more time off before baby comes but I didn't and now it's too late to change my schedule. Anyways my point is you are not alone in feeliung this wayy. 

  • Pregnancy is no walk in the park! I'm a FTM and I don't know how women do it more then once! Haha I hate being pregnant and I'm not afraid to say it. It's hard and stressful making another human being so when people look at me weird when I say that can suck it haha :P breathe, take it day by day and communicate with your man! Vent to him, tell him how you feel, let him be there for you. I know my man has ben very supportive throughout this pregnancy. Don't feel bad if you need a break or a little rest, your body is going through a change and it's ok to pull the pregnancy card :) to overwhelm yourself and instead...PAMPER yourself! I get jealous of women that say they loved there pregnancies and that they just GLOWED. I think to myself, well, I can glow too. Go shopping for some new mommy accessories. You might not be able to go clothes shopping! But there's always room to accessorize :) of course your baby will be your best accesorh ever! ;) but why not get a few new and cute things :) manis, pedis and massages oh my! YES! Do it! Get it! You can't shave? It's ok, let other people touch your feet haha ;) hang in there and even though we ALL know that we are tough women, that only means that we can have a little more room then everyone else to breakdown, especially during pregnancy. :D
  • Your rant reminds me of Elizabeth Banks rant in "What to Expect" movie. Comical, tearful and 100% spot on! "Pregnancy sucks, growing a human is hard." 

    We are all there with you and I know this is no consolation or even helpful but it will be over soon, I hate when people tell me that. It's ok to be upset and show your emotions. This is the most difficult thing most of us have ever done and it takes a huge toll on your body. I just try to keep reminding myself why I am doing this. That usually gets me through some tough times but if not, there is always ice cream to wallow in :)

    Good luck with these last few weeks, hopefully you can find some way to help alleviate your discomfort! 
  • This is me to a T. So uncomfortable and irritable all the time. And I'm working up until I have the baby. So I'm hoping I have her soon lol
  • I love all of you for the replies. It makes me feel better that I'm not the only one that is hateful. I know it will be over soon. Some days I feel like I can make it....today is not one of them!
  • Oh man I hear you!!! Pregnancy has never been easy on me. Where for my mom it was a cake walk (as she has always said) and the people who have perfect pregnancies all say "I don't understand how you can be so ungreatful. Your so blessed!" Yes we are blessed. And I'm sure you, just like I are greatful that we get to have babies... But.. The constant pain is hard! The inability to walk.. Is hard! This is my 3rd pregnancy.. I'm so happy to be getting my tubes tied.. And also so unbelievably greatful for my 3 blessings! I was told I would never have kids, so I have the guilt when I complain.. 3rd time around has been a lot easier then before.. I have pain, but I was terribly sick with the other two girls. Pre eclampsia and bed rest and hospital) I have guilt because part of me wants to be in bed rest, just for a day so I can lay down and relax!! Lol but I really don't want to. I have 3 weeks left till the c section. And I am so ready to be done.. But as I said it is easier, because I do know when I'll be done, and I do know it does end, unlike with the first time you feel like you will never be comfortable again, and your emotions will never be okay, and you feel like a crazy monster (well.. I still do feel that way, but since k have done this before, I know how to control it better and constantly get told "wow your so calm and controlled" while inside I'm screaming crying and kicking my feet!)

    I promise you... It will get better. And then once that baby is born (her comes cliche mommy words that I'm sure your sick of hearing) you will forget about all the pain and emotions and hard times! Lol.. Just take it one hour at a time. Don't even try for days or a day at a time. Watch a movie and eat a snack that you been craving. When we get cravings and can satisfy them it releases feel good hormones in our brain (scientifically proven) and for a short time helps ease mood swings.. And watching a funny movie can take your mind of the sad emotions and ect.. Don't watch drama or anything heart wrenching.. Just makes it worse.
    Also what helps me is making lists of things I want for the baby and need to get and planning.. I get excited for the baby and it helps.
  • I really appreciate the words of wisdom from everyone. It's hardest when people look at me like I'm crazy if I tell them how much pain I'm in. My mom was like supermom when she had me and my brother, each time only gaining around 15 lbs and working right up until the day of. My husband is one of 6 so I feel embarassed to even think of letting on to my misery to my mil (she lives in Peru so easy to hide my feelings haha). My husband was recently diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia. He's doing well, excellent prognosis but just another reason I feel like an ahole for complaining :(
  • I wanted to work up until delivery but I was finding I was exhausted, hurting, and miserable....come to find out, I had a bad UTI and borderline preeclampsia. So at my 36 week appt I was put on bedrest and will have to do weekly bloodwork and 24 hour urine tests :( But now that I can relax, I am finding that my symptoms are calming down and I feel better (not totally, but better) and the swelling is not quite as bad. Hope everyone can get some rest and feel better also!
  • mers90mers90 member
    I'm with you, and I don't even talk about it with my husband because I feel guilty because we tried for +2 years and I had 1 MC, but the reality is that pregnancy isn't easy! I can't even wear perfume anymore because it makes me sick! I have 5 weeks to go but I'm really hoping she'll make an early healthy arrival!
  • areseearesee member
    I'm at 35 weeks today and I feel like a switch just flipped. I'm tired, cranky, stressed, and uncomfortable. I've been all those things at one time or another, but today it all hit me hard. I'm hoping for a good night's sleep to even things out a little, but we'll see.
  • I'm in the same boat! I wish I could vent to my SO but he passed away. But his dad had the audacity to tell me that if I hate being pregnant so much that he has no problem taking my child away. "Problem solved" as he put it. He said I can't possibly love my child because I complain to much about all the pain. All I said was I'm just ready for baby to be out already that I can't do it anymore. Sorry I am in pain almost 24/7 and I can't breathe!

    Sorry I vented. Just a few more weeks ladies
  • ktabsktabs member
    This post made me tear up

    And then I saw @Cellieloves1 post and I'm furious AND sad. I'm so sorry
    And seriously F his dad. For real. Send me an address and I will send one of those glitter bombs!

    Back to original post- I am so miserable. That's an all encompassing way to describe it.
    pregnant after round 2 of IVF. Transferred 2 embryos and (surprise!) was pregnant with triplets. Identicals passed at 8 and 10 weeks. Still have one healthy baby boy with EDD of July 30!

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  • See a chiro that specializes in pregnancy they can at least help you out with the rib/pelvic pain!
  • I pray everyday for an early arrival.
  • Cellie1 I am so sorry for your loss. Hugs and prayers to you. Can't imagine how hard this must be on you. Ktabs, eff the glitter mail...he'd be lucky to get that. My vote is let's send him a package of dirty diapers with a note that says "can't take my kid away but since you offered to help you can take these away." Yesssss taking pregnancy hormones out on this guy is surprisingly helpful! ;)
  • I'm in the same boat! I wish I could vent to my SO but he passed away. But his dad had the audacity to tell me that if I hate being pregnant so much that he has no problem taking my child away. "Problem solved" as he put it. He said I can't possibly love my child because I complain to much about all the pain. All I said was I'm just ready for baby to be out already that I can't do it anymore. Sorry I am in pain almost 24/7 and I can't breathe!

    Sorry I vented. Just a few more weeks ladies

    What in the fuck?!? Sorry, but not sorry! I wouldn't have been so calm, so major props to you on how you handled it.. And maybe it's just the grief speaking (as if you don't have any) but seriously.. As if he understands anything about pregnancy!?
  • K this post... Speaks to me. FTM, and seriously, I am SO not myself anymore. I can't go up stairs because my chest will explode,my hips are at a point where I'm sure they're going to just shatter, and my vag?! Wtf is with that?! I'll be waddling somewhere and all of a sudden I shriek and jump to this sudden pain! The exhaustion and loss of balance... Yep I'm a total whiner too. I just want one night of painless sleep. And when I complain about these things to people around me, they say "haha just wait until he's here! You thought pregnancy was hard?" To which I mentally respond with a sharp jab to their throats (...just kidding), I would take 1-2 hours of painless sleep, than 4-5 hours of this torture. 29 more days, give or take... We've got this, right ladies?... Can someone pass me that freeze pop?
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