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My son is 7 months old, and he has always been more "spitty" than any other baby I or my family has ever seen. In addition to the drool, he has a HUGE problem with constantly spitting up large amounts of whatever he eats. It's not vomit, it's spit up. No matter what he eats, or how much, he will randomly spit it up 30 minutes to an hour later. He doesn't seem like he's in any distress, and there's no force behind it. I've tried rice in his bottle to see if maybe the formula was too thin for his tummy, but that hasn't helped. He burps himself at this age. Just curious if any other mothers had this issue? Was there anything you tried that made it better?

Like I say, it doesn't seem to be hurting him, and he is always gaining weight (19lbs as of last month's appt), but you never know when he is going to "slime you", as we've come to call it.

Re: Spitting Up CONSTANTLY

  • Oh yes, sounds exactly like my son when he was a baby. He was my first and I was shocked by how much he would spit up BUT there's was nothing wrong with him according to the Pedi. I was told he would outgrow it and he around 14 or 15 months old, he just stopped. I was afraid to let anyone hold him because he spit up so much and he wore bibs every second of the day.

    Nothing and I mean nothing ever helped lessen the amount he would spit up. We tried it all. My husband was that way as a baby too so I chalked it up to that.

  • My older two out grew it. My 7 month old is on Prilosec. It helps, he still spits up some but not near as much as he was.
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  • Mine is 7months and same story. Spits up constantly, as in 10+ times between feedings, some large quantities some just dribbles. We bought giant "burpy-bibs" which are nice.Instead of a burp rag we use swaddling blankets to wipe up the spit up because they last longer. He's always happy and is climbing the growth chart appropriately. I've tried EVERYTHING and nothing really helps, though it's definitely worse if I eat onions. So I don't eat them and it's still pretty bad. It's very frustrating. So, no help, just commiserating.
  • Always makes me feel better knowing other kids are going or have went through the same thing as my son! Thanks for the replies; Guess I'll just have to wait it out.
  • my little girl is 6 months old now and ever since she was born she's had a problem with spitting up. her pediatrician put her on zantec, it helps with her esophageal erosion but not so much with how much she's spit up. her pediatrician said it's a bad case of acid reflux. some babies just have it worse than others. I believe she'll grow out of it eventually, but don't expect it anytime soon. she's still so happy in all her other activities I don't let it bother me as much as I used to. with her being my first, I'm just trying to be patient for her. it's also nice for me to know I'm not alone is this though. :)
  • Interested in a doctor's answer to your question? It could be allergies. Check this out
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    My 7 month old has also spit up since birth, I've tried a lot of different formulas and the only one that doesn't make her spit up is enfamil prosobee liquid. She even spits up with the powder prosobee.
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