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Any sidecar-ers?

At what ages did you start/stop? How did it affect night nursing? Did your LOs like it?

DS is 3 months and we are bed-sharing. It is working well for us. I'm just trying to plan for a future transition.

Re: Any sidecar-ers?

  • DS1- Birth to 1.5 when his baby bro was born DS1 moved in between us and DS2 took over in the sidecar. He started sleeping in his own bed more than with us at about 2.5/3.

    DS2- Birth to gradual shift between 1 and 2 years. We introduced a floor bed at age 1 for safety when sleeping alone and  he took well to it.

    Both boys weaned from night nursing at 14-18 months. Here is about our sidecar. Here is a bit about transition.
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