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What do you do all day?

my LO is 4 months and I have no idea what to do with him all day. I'm a teacher so having summers off will be clutch as he gets older. But right now I feel like I'm just milling around until bedtime. He can't sit unassisted yet, soon though. I'm just lost at what to fill out time with.

Re: What do you do all day?

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    Whatever you want to do! You could go on walks! They love to look around at everything and take it all in at that age. Take him outside on a blanket and let him roll around. My kiddos loved their jumpers around then, too. Go out and about using a carrier.
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    Read threads by a random person about her day. lol
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    DS just turned 3 months old. He still sleeps a lot during the day and I spend a lot of time getting him to sleep. Otherwise, depending on his mood, he likes to bat at toys in his bouncer or gym, to watch me or DH do chores in the kitchen, tummy time, sitting up to play with help, walks around the block or park, looking around the grocery store, walks around the house, hanging out and 'chatting'. Except for the walks/going out, he does these things for 10-15 mins at most.
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    I'm a teacher, too!

    Is this a serious question? I feel like I never have enough time to do the things I need to get done because he is pretty needy (duh, he's only 19 weeks old). You say your milling around...You don't have housework to get done? Or do you mean he wants to be entertained by you and you are at a loss for what to do? 

    Games I play with my 4 month old:

    - He loves fabric. I use blankets and clothes with designs on them to play peek a boo, rub his face, shake, and let him grab and bring to his mouth. I even wear bright patterned clothes for him like polka dots; he has me wrapped around his little finger. 
    - Practice sitting. He likes the vantage point to inspect his feet, I've discovered. 
    - He enjoys watching me fold laundry and put away dishes. He even sometimes unstacks my stacks, which I find hilariously cute.
    - He also has started enjoying watching me eat, so I kind of get into it and make a lot of noise and facial movements. I look ridiculous, I'm sure. 
    - Physically manipulate his body while making noises. (Example, bicycling his feet.) 
    - Photo shoot! I think I stage a photo shoot every week, he is growing so fast!
    - Baby crunches. :-) He likes being rolled into kisses, so  I lay down with him across my stomach facing the ceiling and one arm under his head and the other under his knees, and as I do a sit up I curl my arms so his mouth and face hit mine and give him a bunch of kisses, then repeat. 
    - Dance party. He likes being swung around and bounced pretty vigorously. 
    - Baby massage. I use coconut oil and do it before bath time, but sometimes if he is agitated I just use nothing and gently rub him like a massage.
    - Naked time! He LOVES squirming around with no diaper, he will make noises and squiggle around for a solid fifteen minutes. 
    - Read books! He is super into them at this point, especially turning pages. We read part of a toddler picture Bible and a couple of board books a day. 
    - Go through the mail with me, especially any magazines or colorful mailers. 
    - Go for walks at the mall. (It is way hot where I live this time of year.)
    - Practice using a bottle. (He does not enjoy this. To this date he has only drunk about 1.5 ounces from a bottle. I am not looking forward to day care in the fall.) 
    - Do whatever I need to do with him watching or along for the ride, lol. As long as he can see what I am doing he is pretty happy. Try wearing him in a sling or other carrier. 

    Unfortunately, like a pp, I spend a lot of time getting him to sleep. He still needs about three naps a day, since he is only sleeping around 9 hours at night (with about four wakeups, sigh). He sleeps best when he is touching me, so I end up spending about 3-4 hours, or more, of my day laying down with him or parked in front of the TV watching Netflix while he nurses. He still tends to start to need to wind down for a nap after two hours of being awake. 

    He doesn't really get into sitting in his pnp and playing with dangling toys, unfortunately. 

    I follow the same rhythm every day, down to what time of day I do certain activities with him. Like, we always hang out in the bedroom first, then the kitchen, then the living room, then the basement, back to the bedroom...My sister, who lives with me, has pointed out that this is exceptionally boring ad I am becoming a stereotype. She's probably right. 
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    @longliveregina you wouldn't happen to be an elementary teacher? Lol thanks for the ideas!
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    @longliveregina that sounds like our day! We have a blast, I love that my new ft job is playing all day lol. Even housework has become a game!
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    @tdgarmo1 - nope, high school actually, lol. Social studies.

    @BBoyd2013 - yep, housework takes so long now because I have an audience!
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