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I think I am having a moment today. My BF from HS found me on Facebook. I was super thrilled and I see she has 4 kids.

I guess it's a pity party of I just want ONE. Can't I just go kidnap one?? I always joke with DH that if ToysRUs sells toys then dang it BabiesRUs should sell babies.

 I guess the inevitable question of "Do you have kids" is looming and ugh is all I have to say.

 Pity Party Over..Carry On Ladies  Big Smile

Re: Facebook/MySpace/people from past

  • I know the feeling, DH and I would laugh when we would see two cute little twins ... can't we just have one of them?

    We have been very open with friends and family about our adoption process (this of course comes with pros and cons) with a family web site providing them with blogs that detail what is going on (including our feelings and emotions), as well as a link for our adoption process so they know what to expect, and we have an adoption FAQ with a myth buster section.

    For most of our family and friends this has been wonderful, though it always seems that the most 'ignorant' about adoption don't seem to bother to visit the site lol

    So on facebook I have 'flair' for adoption and a link to our web site about our adoption. It really puts a smile on my face when someone sends a well wish from the past and congratulates us. It makes all of the ignorant or annoying questions melt away ... and allows us to celebrate our happiness in becoming parents through adoption.


  • That sounds like a wonderful idea. We are "out" to the immediate family and a few others...but most do not know yet, I didn't want to go there just yet.
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  • I hear ya...I especially hate when the question is brought up in a public forum, like Facebook.  I am not ready to tell my entire High School class that we are adopting. 
    image Best friends and sisters... 24 months and 16 months
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