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Hi there. I'm currently 20 weeks along, feeling great, and can't wait. I will be 44 when I deliver #5. I've been divorced for four years from the father if ny first 4, ages 25, 21, 18 and my 14 year old "baby". The kids think I'm crazy, but they're supportive! My biggest issue is that my SO is much younger. I mean MUCH younger. Get ready for this, he is 23!!!! We have been in a relationship for 2 years, and I love him very much. First child for him so he's pretty overwhelmed. Our age difference has never been a problem , until now. I haven't asked him to cone to Dr.s appt. So he hasn't heard the heartbeat or seen our son. Four ultrasounds he's missed. I am really freaking myself out about other peoples reaction to our ages, especially when it seems like the waiting room is filled with fathers his age holding hands with mothers his age! Any advise on how to deal with these crazy feelings I'm having. I want him there, but it's so akward ..

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  • Be proud of your family! You can't control what other people think, so try not to worry about it. Congratulations!
  • ^^ This. Who cares what those other people think.
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  • Agree with the other posters. 

    Have you asked him to go to any appointments?  Does he want to?  

    If age hasn't been a problem for the past two years then I don't see why it should be a problem now.  Enjoy this time! :)
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  • I know it's easier said that done, but I wouldn't worry about it. If anything, is be proud to have a younger man sitting next to me! If you feel like women are staring, then they're probably just jealous!
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    Can't say I have ever paid attention to other couples age differences at my appointments. I am guessing most people are focused on what is going on at their own visit, so most people probably won't even notice the difference and I can't imagine many people raising an eye brow about it with all the diversity in families. Remember they are strangers so who cares what they think anyway.
  • If people want to judge you  or find fault with you etc they will find something.  If you SO was the same age...then they would say you both are too old.  Its foolish for you to have a baby when your others are grown/near grown.  5 children are too many.........etc etc etc.  They will always find something. 

    If you life is good for you and working out what does it matter what anyone else thinks? 
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