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Hilarious toddler mispronunciation

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This isn't a question or a discussion or anything, but I just wanted to share because it made me laugh alllll yesterday and I figured some other toddler parents could use a smile :) My two-year-old just inherited a shirt with a monkey on it from one of her cousins. She in this phase where she narrates everything she does and sees and wears, so over and over again, she kept saying, "Monkey shirt!" Except she needs to work on enunciating the "r"... I about died laughing while she was repeatedly announcing it to everyone she saw at Target!

Re: Hilarious toddler mispronunciation

  • Haha my daughter loves ducks...but usually sounds like f&$K when she sees them. That gets awkward
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  • These both made me laugh.  My son has a monkey shirt he LOVES and insists on wearing in 80 degree weather with shorts (its a long sleeve thermal type shirt).  We also went through the phase where truck sounded like f**k, and sit was s**t.  Thankfully these have been corrected and sound like the words they're supposed to.
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  • LOL, that's hilarious. My daughter up until recently couldn't pronounce the word "museum", and instead she would say "semen"... :/ It was pretty awkward when grandma asked her what she did that day and DD is telling her she went to the "semen".
  • My daughter is obsessed with Bruno Mars funk town and will run around the house yelling "I want fuck you up mommy" instead of funk you up! I can't help but love it haha
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  • My son really like Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends. He talks about Percy sometimes and just barely pronounces the "r". I never thought it sounded like anything else until a few days ago -- my sister burst out laughing when my son handed me a pretend pussy. Now I have a sad because I never would have thought of this but someone else did and it's tainted. After we were gone, he gave me Percy cookies (sometimes we have Gordon cookies and Thomas cookies). I should tell her, she'll die laughing! *sigh*

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