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2nd time my 14yr olds virtue has been questioned. ..

So tonight while out to dinner my 14yr old was holding my 5mth old. The waitress asked whose she was. Seriously. At least this time we were asked. The first time we heard the old bitty say how she was too young to have a kid.

Gotta love looking old SMH!!
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Re: 2nd time my 14yr olds virtue has been questioned. ..

  • Lol oh geez. They shouldn't assume that!!
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    I am the oldest of 5 kids. I was 16 and 18 when the 2 youngest were born. Everyone thought - and still thinks - they're my kids. It was horribly embarrassing when I was a teenager. I told mom that everyone would think they were mine. She insisted no one would think that. Not 5 minutes later, people were asking me about my baby. I didn't even want to go out with my youngest siblings in public for a long time.

    But when they were a little older and visited me in Florida, I said they were my kids and got them into Disney at Florida resident rates. So there's a plus.

    When I was pregnant with my youngest baby, i went out shopping for baby stuff over lunch break. I realized that most of the people at that babies r us who were my age were shopping for their grandkids, not their kids.

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  • I got that with my little sister all the time, we are 16 years apart.
  • I was 10 when someone thought my baby brother was mine.  People are just crazy.

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  • Lovely!  What happened to just saying something like "what a beautiful baby" instead of "oh, is baby out with grandma and teen-mommy?"  How rude!
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  • Wow. I'm amazed at how rude people are sometimes.

    I look young for my age and DH looks a little older (we are only 2 1/2 years apart) and we've gotten comments from nurses when he was in the hospital that thought I was his daughter or sister! People are nuts!
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