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Packing the diaper bag???

I have the diaper bag packed but it seems very overdone! What should actually be in the diaper bag when at the hospital?

Re: Packing the diaper bag???

  • I've already graduated to the parenting board since I had my baby slightly over a week ago. But you don't need much at the hospital because they provide a lot. The hospital will have diapers, wipes, bulb aspirators, lotions if needed, bath soap etc. They brought me Aquaphor because my little guy had super dry feet! They bathe them.

    We never take too many clothes because they have ankle bracelets and alarms on them so sleepers are kind of awkward. I took a onesie and clothes/blankets to take him home in.

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  • yeah...not much is needed.  Everything baby will need while in the hospital should be provided by the hospital.  So they give you diapers and  wipes and they have a shirt or onesie or something for them to wear.  They like them to wear just that, too, while staying because it makes it easy for the drs, nurses etc to do all they need to do and check with ease.  THey don't have to worry about unsnapping or unzipping or figuring how to get an arm free to take baby's armpit temp etc.  They will come in and take your baby's vitals every couple hours while you are there.  Also a dr will examine them every day you are there. Another thing to note is that they generally coat the umbillical stump after birth and it will stain things it comes in contact wtih. Blankets and little caps are provided while in the hospital.  Nurses will bath your baby and all things associated with that are provided. They will have things like ointment for circumcision to provide you. 

    So all you need is things to take the baby home in.  Excluding a diaper.  A complete outfit appropriate for the weather in your area.  Since it will probably be warm out, you won't need to worry about sweaters or snowsuit type things.  but make sure you have a blanket because when you get in your car the a/c will be on and probably make baby chilly.  Plus if its bright and sunny out you might want to cover over your carseat...their eyes are just adjusting to lights! 

    Your baby will most likely be able to be photographed in their little outfit as well.  So if you are wanting the hospital photographs, make sure you bring a nice looking outfit that will photograph well to take them home in 

    travel light.  YOu will have lots of stuff to take home from the hospital and the less you take the easier it is.
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  • My friend said two changes of clothes, only because somehow her daughter peed all over the one and only outfit she had taken for her. :)
  • Besides the baby's diaper bag, you will want to bring stuff for yourself, don't forget.  Something to wear home *highly suggest it be maternity clothing...your body does not go back to pre pregnant size once the baby is out!!!.  Make up and things like shampoo, contact lens items if needed....whatever you use in the bathroom on any given day.  But keep it minimal.  Some people like to wear pajamas from home at the hospital, some don't.  You will bleed a lot and may have a hard time even getting out of bed and onto the toilet without lots of pain after birth.  So there is a good chance you will bleed onto clothing.  I was so sore after my first 2 I just wore hospital gowns because they were plentiful and laundered for me!  After I had a couple kids I wasn't nearly as horribly sore so I was able to move around better and chose to wear my own clothing.  You could always take some and see how it goes. 
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