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Face rash from solids

We have found our second solid that gives LO a rash usually a day later on his cheeks and chin. First oatmeal now acorn squash...is this common? Will it go away? Pedi didn't seem concerned but it's frustrating

Re: Face rash from solids

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    And here's a pic if you wanna see my handsome little fella:)
  • Had to post in a new reply because my phones dumb.
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  • Hmm, maybe the acid from the vegetable is too harsh for his face? It's weird that oatmeal would do that though...

    No rash anywhere else? If the doctor isn't concerned than you probably have no need to be either.

  • No where else. It actually cleared up yesterday evening and just some dry patches today. Maybe some eczema? Only thing is it doesn't bother him at.

    I've only called the nurse and she said there was no need to come in unless it got worse. How long does it take for food sensitivites to go away?
  • That's his face after the second time on oatmeal.
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