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Any South SD mommies?

I'm in Paradise Hills/Bonita area. First time mom, married with a 10y/o part-time stepson, 33, due early January. Trying to find moms to get to know and hopefully become friends with! :-)

Re: Any South SD mommies?

  • ZingsZings
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    I'm by sdsu/la Mesa...not exactly where you were asking about but not far! :) I'm 34, married, FTM due nov 4 with a boy. I'm looking for some moms to hang with too!
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  • I'm kinda close by! Out by SDSU as well. I'm almost 30 and almost married :p give me 3 more weeks for both!
  • I'm a first time mommy too! I am located near Imperial Beach :)
  • Anyone wanna try meeting up? Maybe a picnic at Balboa? Or a short, easy hike? :-)
  • Yeah let's do it!
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