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vbac syracuse ny

Hi I am currently pregnant with my 2nd child, 10wks along; I had an emergent csection with my first for decals (cord around the neck). I had my first appt today and was told I could not have a vbac. I am looking for a second opinion and wondering if anyone can suggest a Dr? Thanks so much

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  • It will mainly depend on what Hospital you want to deliver at. St. Joes does not allow vbac and I don't think Upstate does either. Crouse maybe different. I am not 100% sure, as I have not had a C-section and I go to Associates for Women's Medicine and all the doctors there deliver at St. Joes. 

    Sorry not much help, but figured I could offer some insight. 
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  • I had a successful Vbac in 2008 @ Crouse with Womens Health in Camillus (where Neulander was) . This time i am with Cathy Berry & Associates and I am planning my second VBAC for Feb. Also to be delivered at Crouse. My first pregnancy was a cord issue that led to an emergency c section .
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