Parenting after 35

Weekly Check-In 6/7

How was your week?

QOTW: What's your least favorite chore?

NB: next week is my final check-in post. If you are willing to take over for the following 10 weeks, please reply below. It's as easy as it seems.

Re: Weekly Check-In 6/7

  • About 4 out of us 6 have had a small virus. Payton (our 5mth old) has had it bad...pooping every hr it seems. Think it may be getting better. Doesn't seem to bother her thankfully. And I leave for my book convention in under 2 wks. So been getting ready for it.

    I loathe loading and unloading the dishwasher. Hate it!
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  • You just can't seem to catch a break @mandyreads!

    I had a very difficult week. DS had teething pains that overlapped with sleep 'consolidation'. So he had a lot of trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, and was cranky a lot, not to mention the drool diarrhea. To top things off, the master bathroom toilet started leaking into the living room below. And DS has more shots tomorrow for me to look forward to!

    QOTW: I hate folding and putting away laundry.
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  • This is really my first full week home with the baby and our two other kids. My first outing today but I had my mom with me and only the baby and DD. DS was in school. Last full day of school.

    I'm slightly overwhelmed when I'm home with all three kids. DD has been a little bit cranky. She's 2. DS has been acting out a little too. He's 6. Next week will be my first week alone with all of them. I delivered last Tuesday and DH was home the rest of the week. This week My mom took off and is with us. Next week it's just me!

    I despise loading and unloading the dishwasher. For sure my most hated chore.
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  • Geeps2Geeps2 member
    I am in the final weeks of work so I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Got rid of one of my PIA parents so that is a weight lifted off my shoulders.
    Planning all of my summer projects so that is fun.

    I LOATHE folding and putting clothes away.  ICK!

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  • I've been MIA both because we have been getting out of the house so much and because I'm so exhausted. My girl is working on molars. Ugh. Yesterday she was a disaster all day long. I have never seen her so out of sorts when she wasn't sick. FX today is better.

    I hate washing dishes. I also hate collecting and throwing away other people's (aka my h) trash. It really ticks me off when someone doesn't throw away their own crap. LAZY.
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  • @Guennie sorry to hear about the extra fussiness. We had a few days like that last week and almost ended up in ER, except for the fact he seemed totally healthy other than the screaming.  It got better after we settled him down enough so he could get some sleep and food (which he couldn't properly get while he was all worked up...). Goo duck today!

    @mandyreads what's the book convention? sounds like fun

    @niknak1208 I'll do your dishwasher duties if you organize my house! :D

    @neonnoon I hope the shots went ok...  and I hope the bathroom is fixed! We had the same problem in the last rented apartment and the landlord never fixed it (it was a slooow leak which resulted in mold growing in insulation between the floor and ceiling)... Hope your issue is more straightforward. 

    I'm a bit late with an update because this week has flown by in a sleepless haze. I finally got a decent night's sleep (3.5 hours uninterrupted, plus 2, plus 1, plus 1), and life is so much better after some rest... We are struggling with my being overtired and my husband needing to get out of the house. We're interviewing overnight babysitters and mother's helpers this weekend, so I hope we can get a bit of relief. My parents are also coming at the end of the month, which might help (although I'm not sure if the overall stress levels will drop).

    As hinted above, I hate organizing my house/office/desk so I tend to have a lot of stuff just lying around which (ironically?) bothers me... I love everything being organized, and I tend to put things back in their place, but actually visualizing where things should go was never my strong suit... 
  • @marijaa333 I am a book blogger and there is a convention that mainly deals with panels helping authors. (Mostly self pub/small traditional pub authors ). But I am going to meet all my author friends and see a couple panels on blogging.
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  • Better late than never, right?

    DS turned 2 last weekend, so we officially graduated from the 2 under 2 club. Then I went back to work from maternity leave. DH took the week off to make things smoother. It was great, but I feel like we still haven't been put through the fire with 2 kids, plus 2 parents working.

    QOTW: long-term, I don't like doing floors. I'll clean a room top to bottom and dread sweeping, mopping, or vacuuming. Don't know why. Short-term, I have a thing about dishes right now. I don't get it. I think it's because my morning sickness was so bad during pregnancy that i couldn't do them without vomiting. And now the association is there and I can't break it.

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