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37 yo, 10 wks pregnant

Hello everyone! I'm 37 and pregnant for the first time. This has been a shock because my husband and I stopped using birth control several years ago. We weren't trying, but not preventing either. We had pretty much come to terms with being childless, and then SURPRISE! So here we are, 10 weeks pregnant. I have been a nervous wreck a lot of the time. I have an anxiety disorder, and I stopped taking my meds on my doctor's recommendation. Luckily, no real panic. I feel pretty good for being unmedicated, but I'm seeing a therapist just in case. I am overweight (5'6", wear a size 16) and I've had high blood pressure for 6 months or so. I'm trying not to worry too much. I'm eating healthy almost all the time, with a few treats here and there, and walking for exercise most days of the week, except for the days when I just can't make myself do it! More than anything, I just want a healthy baby. There is so much scariness about being AMA, overweight, and now with high blood pressure too! I'm hoping to just find some support and encouragement here from others who can relate!

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  • Welcome and congrats.
    The best thing you can do for yourself and your baby is eat healthy. Check if your ins company covers seeing a nutritionist. I'm sure that will help maintain a healthy weight and maybe help your high bp. In the past year I have lost over thirty pounds by eating a balanced diet. So I will definitely be your cheerleader!!!!
    Don't worry about being AMA. Lol I think 37 is young. I hope your anxiety doesn't get too bad. But if think you need to go back on meds there are some you can take. Be honest with your doctor about how you feel. You need to take care of you inorder to have a healthy baby.

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    All welcome

  • Thank you for replying! I'm eating tons of fruit and veggies and avoiding refined grains, and eating almost no sweets other than a daily portion of dark chocolate. I worry so much about birth defects and complications. I wish I could put my doctor on speed dial! Two weeks til the NT scan, here's hoping for good results there and a chance to relax a bit!
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  • Welcome and congratulations! I agree 100% with @hooligans4. Keeping a healthy diet and taking care of your anxiety will be very important you both you and baby. I think its great that you're seeing a therapist for that. You have found a wonderful board full of supportive and knowledgeable women. Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy!
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  • Congrats and keep up the good work! Best wishes for a healthy baby!
  • don't worry about your age!  So many of us here are MUCH older than you and since I was your age, I have had a slew of babies with totally happy healthy pregnancies and big old healthy babies.
  • Welcome!!!  I am 43, so you are young to me, lol!

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  • Thank you! :)
  • So happy to read these responses! All my friends and family had their babies young, so I'm a little bit lonely in my real life, even though everyone I know has been very supportive. I'm glad to be part of this group! I know we are not alone, there are lots of us over 35'ers! And it's not such a new thing either. My great grandmothers had babies in their 40s, one was 48 when she had her last baby! Thanks again, ladies. I feel better already.
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    Welcome and congratulations!
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    Just wanted to let you know that I also suffer from severe anxiety and depression. I had tried to go off meds several times before getting pregnant but it was always really bad. So, when I got pregnant I told the doctor that I felt it would be best for me to stay on meds. They adjusted me to one that's safer during pregnancy and put me on a pretty low dose. But, it's working, and I feel a lot better that maybe it will help keep post partum at bay too.
  • Thanks for your reply! Anxiety is hard enough to deal with when you only have to worry about taking care of yourself!
  • I'm 37, FTM, and had a similar surprise to finding out I was pregnant. I'm 35 weeks and have had anxiety for the past couple weeks, nothing as bad as I've experienced before (years ago) due to medication side effect. What stops my attack from going full blown is that I don't want to put my baby girl through it. It really has been helpful and motivating to get me through. Part of the reason I finally got pregnant was because I changed my diet to be non-inflammatory. Through the pregnancy I eat gluten free and low fodmap to help with my IBS. However, I absolutely indulge on cravings like outshine popcicles and although I detest diet soda chemicals, I've been craving a soda here and there. I'm not beating myself up over it. ;)
  • I have IBS too! I recently went through a colonoscopy to make sure there was nothing more serious going on, and I had just started putting my toes in the waters of low fodmap eating before I got this news. I have kind of forgotten all about low fodmap since that day, to be honest with you! I'm following a mostly healthy diet, but not low fodmap.

    I feel like I'm in very good company here, like we are all in this together in some ways. :)
  • Wow @Bers840 we have a lot in common! I'm a little older, 39 :) Im 5'5' and about your size. I also have anxiety (& ADHD) and it's no fun adjusting to medication changes.

    Oh and if I did my math right our EDD's are about a week apart. I'm 13 weeks / due 12/24/15. I'll be right there with you eating as healthy as I can and walking etc! Don't beat yourself up if you faulter! I have really been upset with myself b/c morning sickness has been kicking my butt and the only things I can stomach are carbs ... And the only time I do not feel nauseous is when I'm eating said carbs. So sadly I've gained a bit already. We can motivate each other :)
  • Nice to meet ya! I've been walking a couple of miles a day, meditating, seeing my therapist, and I've just started trying an acupressure technique called eft. So far, it's helping. Last week I had a few days of crisis. But I feel like I took control. I finally met my doctor today, and he did help put me at ease. I had my NT scan, which was normal. Now to wait a week for blood test results. Overall, it's going as well as I could hope. And my blood pressure was totally normal today! :)
  • Looks like you are keeping it together well! I have not had a full blown anxiety attack in a few years but for whatever reason I get more what I call 'mini' attacks when I'm pregnant. I'm curious about the acupressure ... I may look that up!
    We are in the middle of moving across country (I'm literally laying in a hotel bed in the middle of Texas writing this!) so once we are settled I'll get back to walking a few miles a day too!
    Good news on the NT scan! And your BP. I just got our blood work back & all looks normal for us & we're having a boy :) keep us posted on how things are going!
  • Hi Browneyes nice to meet you. I am 37 yes old, 9 weeks pregnant. I also have an anxiety disorder after things fell apart about one year ago. I discontinued Paxil cold turkey upon finding out our wonderful I am unmedicated. I am struggling with first trimester fears and with "mini attacks" too. What are your symptoms during a mini attack, if you dont mind me asking?
  • Bers you sound like you are doing wonderful. I am so grateful to have this Over 35 community of expectant moms... we gave so much in common.
  • Sorry for thr multiple posts, but to the ladies who mentioned IBS. .. I usually have a normal GI system but since pregnancy and stopping Paxil so suddenly, I find my GI system is much much more sensitive. I am a but concerned because I cannot tell if my body is absorbing the prenatal vitamins or not. And I thought progesterone was supposed to slow down the GI tract??? Any comments on this would be appreciated. Hope I am not hijacking Bers ' thread!
  • @alanna3622 Nice to 'meet' you!
    Did your Dr offer any alternatives?
    I have stayed on some sort of medication during all of my pregnancies (this is my 3rd). We tried stopping right before I got pregnant and I'll just say the wheels came off the tracks. It wasn't good so I went back to my usual dose.
    So the 'mini' attacks ... It's that uncomfortable feeling of chest tightness and shortness of breath ... Muscle tension. If I make sure to stay hydrated, stay away from caffeine and limit sugar it happens less.
    At one point in my life (late teens, early 20's) I had such bad anxiety attacks that I didn't know how I could possibly live the rest of my life like that. So I try to stay calm and remember that I've gotten through much worse. If I can I lay down and close my eyes too.
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