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Heard any boy names lately?

Ok I am having a hard time naming this boy.  I like something not trendy.....Carter, Xander, Aidan, ....names that are getting used a lot currently do not appeal to me.  Even if I really like the name I won't use it if its popular right now.

I also don't want to use on of the real common David or MIcheal.

SO I am looking for something a bit unusual without being like odd or weird I guess.  All my other boys have 2 syllable names that end in the AN sound (either with an AN or an ON) but that was purely coincidental...I did not do it on purpose and am not looking necessarily to repeat it again. 

Anyone heard any boys names recently that might fit this request?  Time is running low for me and I have a possibility but its not something I feel I have to use.....Not totally settled on it yet.  Thanks

Re: Heard any boy names lately?

  • Ronan is on my boys name list (also Ronin, can't decide on which spelling we like better). I've also seen Cieran, which I like, but a friends son is named that already. A gal I know named her son Carson, which I haven't heard much. I'm not trying to stay with your AN / ON 'theme', it just happens that I like a lot of names that have that sound at the end, lol.
    Someone else I know named their son Isaak, which I haven't seen for a while. If I can find my old boys name list I'll share more, DH and I also like kinda 'alt' names
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  • Ronan is sort of popular around here.  I know of 5, at least, who were born in the last couple years to friends or acquaintances of ours.  When my oldest daughter when to public school there were several Carsons in her class so since then it struck me as popular, which was too bad because prior to that it was on my boy well as Carter which has been super used around here. 

    How do you pronounce Cieran? 

    Regan (with the long e sound) is my top pick right now.  My other boys are Brennan, Nolan, Evan, and Jenson
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  • Whoops, I spelled it wrong. Ciaran (tho I've also seen it spelled the way I spelled it above and also Keiran) is the traditional Gaelic spelling. Pronounced "KEER-an".
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  • Your Sib set reminds me of my friends 11 y/o sons name - Preston. I don't think I've heard it other than her kid
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  • BP1979BP1979 member
    Oooh, I like Nolan!
  • Mellymar I really like the name Preston.  I would love to use it...however.  I have  a sister who, like since we were teenagers, said she wanted a little boy and would name him Preston.  I have always reserved that name for her.  Most likely, she will not have any children.  However, I do not want to take her name.  I know some people might feel like honored that we are using the name since you could not...sort of like naming a child after them...however I think to her it would be more like a can't use it so I am taking it from you sort of thing. 

  • @cneiding oh, totally. I get ya. I love my sister, there's no way I would take a name she loved even if I thought she wasn't going to have children
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  • Have you asked your sister? She may love having a nephew with that name.
  • ErinkaErinka member
    Digging Ian theses days!
  • I was hoping you guys could help. My daughter is named Isabella. Twelve years later I find myself, surprise, pregnant! Eek! Anyhow this time, I am having a boy. My fiance's name is Paul so I found a name I just can't figure out which sounds better.
    Noah Ian Paul or Ian Noah Paul
    I like the idea of having Ian so he'd have the same first initial as his big sis, but it doesn't seem to flow. What do y'all think? (< I'm from Tx btw)
  • Our son will be Kaplan. It was my beloved granny's maidan name. It's definitely not a popular name in terms of the social security listings. We love it. It can also be spelled Caplan.
  • I second Reagan!
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