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Car Seat

My 9 month old suddenly despises riding in her car seat. Any suggestions or tips to help both she, and us, make car rides not so terrible again? Thank you!

Re: Car Seat

  • Could it be that she's growing uncomfortable in the infant seat and might need to switch to a convertible seat?

  • That's what we did! She lives it.
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  • Switching to a convertible car seat helped him be more comfortable (we have the Chicco NextFit). Even though he is still well under the weight limit for the infant seat, he is just too tall for it. 

    It also helps big time for him to have something to do. Simply giving him a blankie or a stuffed toy is not enough for him; I always make sure he has a book to read, or a toy that he can actually play with versus just look at, to entertain him when he's going to be in the seat for a while. He typically does fine if he has something to keep him occupied, but he will scream and cry otherwise because he hates being confined! Having music on also helps him. 
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