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Interesting article for those starting solids.

Overall re solids, I find it really amusing how 'up in arms' people get about this topic... What do you guys do / plan to do / have done with your LOs?
I can share what the recs were in Switzerland when I had my DD1 there, compared to what I see and hear here, and compared to what recs were given to my sister who lives and raisea her son in Poland.

Re: Gluten Article

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    I was just talking to DH about what we were gonna do with DS. We haven't fully decided. I was looking into Baby-Led Weaning (waiting till 6 months, offering small pieces of unprocessed, normal food, not worrying about choking!). I'm not convinced that's for us, but would like to hear others' experiences if they have done so. I do want to avoid dairy (hoping to BF till 2 yrs), juices, added sugar, and gluten. I want to avoid cereals in general and focus on foods with more micronutrients. Bone marrow, bone broth, and chicken liver (!) are pretty big in Paleo circles, and the usual fruits and veggies. What are those recommendations from across the pond? Stuff about gluten follows. Feel free to skip ---- I don't have Celiac disease, but cut gluten out of my diet 2.5 years ago. The effect was not subtle. This fog lifted for me, my stress levels went way down, and I lost weight. DH had a similar experience. Our prior diet was heavy on pizza, pasta, and breads. There is some evidence that gluten has an effect of increasing gut porosity. Infants are born with pretty porous guts that become less so as they grow. When the gut is pretty porous, semi-digested proteins from gluten attach to the brain's opioid receptors, having an effect much like morphine. This is why many parents of autism-spectrum children swear by gluten-free diets, though I think research is still lagging behind. Casein (a protein in dairy) has a similar effect, which the same parents find problematic. This theory is different from the immune response in Celiac disease. There are also theories that gluten exacerbates problems with pathogenic gut flora. That certainly was our experience. I suspect generations of antibiotics have brought us to this juncture. ETA: sorry, seems like the formatting isn't taking
  • we didn't bother with rice cereal and just started puree's at 6 months. We slowly introduced solids like berries and soft veggies as the months went on. At 1 DD was still a picky eater but now at 18 months she is doing much better and will try most things. We don't worry about gluten, I give her things with gluten in them like bread and crackers and pasta, does not seem to be a problem at this time.
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    I first will say I subscribe to live and let live.  But since you have asked for an opinion I personally find a lot of people are "self diagnosing" themselves as having Celiac disease when in fact they don't.  I am all for healthy eating and promoting healthy eating from the get go with our kids.  that being said I am so tired of people jumping on the bandwagon of gluten free that don't need to be and then walk around like a martyr because they can't eat this or that but never went to see a Dr they just diagnosed themselves.

    I have given both my kids gluten.  Life is all about moderation.

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  • We started DS at 4.5 months when he was getting grabby with our food. We skipped rice cereal and went to stage 1 purees, then stage 2, then stage 3 and finger foods (whatever we were having). We were eating paleo at the time, so any grains he got were from the purees

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