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Transitioning out of Merlin Sleep Suit

So last Thursday I decided it was past time to ditch the sleep suit for my 8 month old because her sleeping habits at night were starting to get worse and well it's summer and that thing looks too hot to wear right now.  So I transitioned her out that night and put her in a sleep sack.  To my surprise she did well and slept longer than in the suit before waking to eat.  The next couple of nights she slept 10-12 hours without the suit, just in her sleep sack.  Well 5 days after dropping the suit she learned to sit up on her on and ever since she's about back to her normal waking up during the night.  At this point it's ok because I still pump during the night so I need to get up anyways.  The trouble is her naps are awful.  She was taking 2 naps that were 1 1/2-2 1/2 hours long most days.  Now she barely naps 30 minutes.  Any tips on what to do about naptime?  She gets fussy sooner because of the lack there of sleep and just want her to get her rest so she can grow and be happy.  Sleep train?  If so, what do I need to do?  She has put herself to sleep since she was about 2 months old so she knows how to but I think the new found freedom is what's keeping her awake.

Re: Transitioning out of Merlin Sleep Suit

  • I'm shocked you could keep an 8 month old in a sleep suit! My DD is 8 months old and I couldn't imagine trying to get her in one of those things!

    Learning new skills and practicing them during nap time is very common and a phase that will pass. Watch for tired cues then put her down for a nap like you normally do. If she wakes up after 30 minutes and won't go back to sleep then you just have to get her up. Obviously you can't force them to sleep and phases of short naps is normal so just power through.

    You can try any sort of sleep training you want but that's normally to get them to sleep in the first place. Not to keep them asleep.

  • Try the Zipadee Zip? They allow for movement but constrict the arms and legs just enough so the kiddos don't wake themselves up as they sleep. Our twins use them and sleep like little rocks in them. Good luck!
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  • I'd say it's a phase, like ANYTHING related to babies. They change ALL the time and no one habit lasts forever. Just give your LO time to adjust. Also agree that when babies reach new milestones, mobility, speech anything, sleep usually suffers. After a while things settle down.
    And count your blessings that your LO has been taking such great naps so far. Neither one one my girls has been a great napper. Older didn't sleep longer than an hour till she was over one. Younger same, has yet to sleep past the 30 minute mark at almost 7mo... You just can't force them to stay asleep.
  • I'm having the exact same problem with weaning off the sleep suit. I have started putting a small blanket over her feet when she's napping (even though I know I shouldn't....) I watch to make sure she is not rolling around or getting it near her face. This has helped her get to sleep quicker and stay asleep.
  • Thankfully we have been out of the suit for almost a month now. I used a sleep sack and still do to help her not feel so free. She moves all over the crib to sleep. She's slept all night some nights other she will sleep 8 hours eat and go back to sleep for a couple hours. I have had a couple times after she ate that she took a while to go back to sleep but over all I'm just glad we are out of the suit. Will likely use the sleep sack until winter when she will be in footed pjs and shouldn't need anything else on her.
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