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Birth control experience/suggestions

So I had the 6wk PP check up today and the big topic of birth control was asked. I asked doc what he recommended & he wasn't very helpful...just told me all the options I have since I'm breastfeeding.  So I decided to give the shot a try. What are some the other mom's experience with getting the Depo shot? Did you like it, have  any side effects with it, etc.? Which birth control option would you suggest?  I really want to get my tubes tied because this baby was a total accident/surprise and I don't want to have another such surprise, plus me & my hubby can't afford another one. But this wasn't discussed before I had baby so I didn't get it done then, so I'll have to wait awhile before I can get it done now. So yeah anyway suggestions on forms of birth control, your experience/opinion on the Depo shot, and thoughts on getting tubes tied.

Re: Birth control experience/suggestions

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    I never got the Depo shot, but from everyone that I know who has received that shot experienced serious weight gain. I've been on the pill since DS was born, and when I was breastfeeding I was on the mini pill called Microgestion for over a year until I was done BF. I've had no issues. As far as getting your tubes tied, most state laws don't allow you to get that operation done until after you've had a second baby- so I would research that one.
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