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Baby Showers

thanks for clarifying :-)

Hi, etiquette experts,

Thanks for clarifying that baby showers are for celebrating first-time moms and their entrance into motherhood (and papas and fatherhood, too, I should add). It's a really nice way of looking at baby showers, and I appreciate your explanations of sprinkles and sip & sees, too, as I wasn't really familiar with either. 

I had a lovely jack-and-jill shower for my first child in 2012 and was recently feeling a little sad that we weren't doing anything to celebrate our second baby on the way, but I see now that the sip & see will be the best way to celebrate our next one. I wasn't thinking about presents-- just wanted to do something for the second baby so it wasn't forgotten and would be honored in some way!

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks. You all give great perspective and make proper/improper behavior seem so obvious.

Have a beautiful day, everyone! :-)
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