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Chicken pox VAX or natural immunity??

OK, I know this can be a controversial topic and I'm genuinely interested in hearing both sides. Here's the thing. I recently had an incident where a friend of mines child got chicken pox and the mother was happy about this because she desired her children to get the actual virus rather than the vaccination. Some other friends wanted to purposefully get together with her to infect their kids! We were suppose to be getting together that weekend but I opted out because I do not want my son (11 months) to get this! On top of that my Mom is immunocompromised (she is undergoing chemo) and i do not want to take the chance of my son infecting her snd her ending up with shingles. I am all for vaccinations but am open to hearing the other side. I just have a hard time seeing why you would want your child to go through that? My son did not yet have the vaccine but I plan on him getting it at his next visit. I'm being told by this friend that getting the vaccine does not protect them lifelong and that by getting the actual virus they are garunteed to never get it again. From my research I can't find substantial evidence that this is true. So my question is, what are your thoughts on this, do u get the vaccine or want your child getting the virus??

Re: Chicken pox VAX or natural immunity??

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    I get my children every single vaccine they are supposed to get.
  • I'm not a doctor but I think you have the right idea to stay away since your Mom is immunocompromised.  Chicken pox in adults (if she didn't have it as a child) can be more serious and result in complications.

    The vaccine may wear off, though there isn't conclusive as far as I know; but getting infected seems to give longer term immunity.  Neither course is risk-free.  There is also some evidence that wide-spread vaccination has increased the number of shingles cases in children.  It used to be almost exclusively seen in adults.

    If you choose not to vaccinate, be warned that if you or any close relative/friend is TTC, the virus can cause serious harm to a fetus.

    I found this book to be useful: "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Children's Vaccinations" by Stephanie Cave (who is a doctor, with two disclaimers:  I find her to err on the side of not vaccinating, and it has not been updated for a journal citation (MMR-Autism link from the Lancet) that has since been found to be fraudulent.
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  • Thank you for your comment! This can all be overwhelming, esp as a first time mom and there is just so much stuff to be informed about! I will def check out that book!
  • Sorry, DS was crying, meant to add:
    Chicken pox can cause brain inflammation and death in rare cases.
    The vaccine can cause seizures, encephalitis, stroke, and death in rare cases.  The risk goes up when given with other vaccines.

    Good luck.
  • I would get my child vacinated. I would certainly not try to infect my child purposely. 

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    Having chickenpox makes it possible to get shingles later in life when the immune system is weaker. I wouldn't deliberately set my DD up for that.

    Serious allergic reactions to vaccines are very rare. If your child or family has a history of allergies/immune disorders/seizures/etc., let your child's doctor know when discussing vaccinations. Also let your doctor know if your child is currently or was recently sick, since sometimes vaccines have to be postponed until he is better.

    The seizures associated with vaccines are febrile seizures which can occur in any condition that comes with a high fever (such as having chickenpox). Fever is a common side effect of vaccines. Febrile seizures occur in younger children (under 6yrs) and usually don't have long term effects.

  • I get my children every single vaccine they are supposed to get.


    Also, the vaccination reduces the severity of the disease if they do contract it. When I was 5 I got chicken pox so bad that my eyes, nose & throat almost swelled shut. I almost had to be intubated to maintain my airway.

    I get the kiddos the vaccination to spare them this potential.

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