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Mama's active on here?

How are all the SD Mama's doing? I just came across this group and wanted to say hi! Anyone up to anything fun on this beautiful day?

Re: Mama's active on here?

  • ZingsZings member
    Hi! I was wondering if anyone was active on this board! Seems to be hard to find local moms!
  • JunB25JunB25 member
    Hi! I just came across it yesterday but thinking maybe people don't really wanna meet up in person which I totally get. But thought at least there would be chit chat going on.
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  • Good to see some of us are still interested, I was wondering the same thing. I'm in Mission Valley, FTM, and LO is due 9/15
  • ZingsZings member
    I've noticed it's really hard to find pregnancy groups in San Diego! I'm on one meetup but haven't been able to go to events I'm not sure I want to go to a breastfeeding tutorial or swaddling class at this point, I just want to meet some other new moms and chat! Lol. I'm up for meeting for coffee or something if you other local mamas are...or chatting here is good too! I'm due 11/4 and live near sdsu.
  • Yep this board is off and on. Glad to see more ladies! I am due any day now! I live in North Park. :)
  • I find fb a lot easier to keep track of. A bunch of us from our monthly group broke off and got a lot closer by making a group on fb. Anyone interested in doing that?
  • Hi! Glad to see some activity going on! I'm a FTM due September 3rd. I live downtown. The fb group sounds good! 
  • Great! PM me your email addresses and I'll try to set something up
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