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Is this a phase?

My son just turned 5 months on the 29th and lately he's been discontent with anything we do. I put him in the sling, he fusses. Exersaucer, he plays for a minute, then fusses. Swing, fusses. Floor time with toys, he just rolls onto his belly, tries to crawl by getting on hands and knees but falls over and fusses. He's relatively happy, laughs and smiles between the fussing. No fever, no teeth. Can't figure it out. I think maybe he's in the awkward in between phase where maybe he can't do what he wants to do? Idk, just curious if anyone might have suggestions. Oh, he recently stated going from 1 hr 15 min between naps to closer to 2 hrs.

Re: Is this a phase?

  • It's hard to say. Babies are weird and they are always changing. I always thought months 4-6 were really tough. Lots of changes.
  • My little guy is 5 months and sometimes has days like this, sometimes for a few days in a row even. I also get the sense that he's frustrated because he wants to be mobile so badly, but can't really move himself on his own yet. A lot of times he seems happiest when he's in my arms and I'm walking him around the house, letting him explore, see, and touch things while I carry him around.
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  • My lo is doing this now and will be 6  mo in about a week.  I keep thinking he might be teething but I really don't know.
  • @heatherfaith it lasted for us about a week and a half. Although, he's going to be 6 months tomorrow so we'll see what this brings! Lol
  • We've an uptick in fussiness lately but it comes and goes. Our pediatrician said it could be the teeth forming beneath the gums, not quite "teething" but getting ready. Has your LO been chomping at all?
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