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Stokke vs Caravan Cribs

Hi All, I would love some feedback on either or both of these cribs!  Has anyone used either and if so how was it?  I think they are both beautiful (which I realize is a totally trivial requirement) and I like that both cribs convert (although admittedly it looks harder to do with the Stokke) and use responsible materials.  

I like the smaller footprint and that the shape seems easier to float in a room (our nursery is pretty small).  I also love that the wheels give us the flexibility to move the crib throughout the day if we want to etc. and that it can expand from a bassinet to a crib.  I am dreading having to find sheets, mattresses, etc. for this shape though and having to pay a premium for it - especially when purchasing mattresses for both sizes and the fact that some of the organic mattress reviews implied it was uncomfortable (there's a much more expensive option that gets better reviews but you have to really hope one of those 2 works...)  I also worry our future toddler will outgrow this toddler bed faster.

I like how easily the design can convert when we need that and that we can use standard sheets and mattresses.  Some of the amazon reviews that I've read though have made me terrified that even if we order this crib now (at 21 weeks) we may not have all the right parts until after the baby gets here and we'd have to find a separate bassinet option if we want that.

Thoughts?  I think my husband is done faking enthusiasm on this and I am fixating...

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