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hi all,
My bubba is 1 years old in 22 days (how quick was that?!) and is still waking up for a feed during the night. It's only once (was twice for a while but finally outgrew that one) but I'm going back to work soon and need her to be sleeping throughout the night. Any tips or tricks as to how to handle this situation?
Much appreciated
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Re: Sleep advice

  • I still breast feed on demand in addition to offering milk in a soppy cup. My little girl still nurses 2-4 times a night and won't be soothed any otherway. That being said I've heard people say that their pediatricians say night eating is not needed at this phase and maybe you could research some weaning methods. Either way good luck.
  • I've been working full time since my daughter was 3 months old. She still nurses once or twice a night and I have to admit that I love it. After being away from her all day it's nice to know that we get some great bonding time together. She'll sleep through the night occasionally and I know when she's ready she will sleep through the night more consistently and then I'll miss our time together! Plus, I think it's unrealistic to expect our little ones to change their habits when we're unwilling to change ours. This is definitely not advice to help your little one sleep, I just thought I'd put in my 2 cents about being a working mom. :)
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    I work full time and have exclusively pumped from 10 weeks until now. Bubba still wakes up at least once a night for a cuddle and milk (he is fully crib trained). It doesn't bother me at all that he needs me then, usually it only takes 15-20 min to get him back down so it's not too bad. *edit* he is 12.5 mo old
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  • So most people might find this harsh but I did it cold turkey. We also were sleep training at the time so it was more of a crutch for my LO to fall asleep with. I had tried doing preemptive feeds and slowly decreasing the amount of time she was nursing but it never worked. So cold turkey and sleep training in one was how we did this. It was at 9 months tho. My LO hardly wakes up since and when she does now it seems like all she needs is a little hug and I can put her back down in her crib awake and walk away and she'll fall back to sleep. We followed the sleep sense program. Good luck. I know this is an old post so maybe with some luck your LO is sleeping through now.
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