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CVS test?

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I am not looking for judgements. Just wondering if anyone has gotten the CVS test based on being high risk after their NT scan. I found out I'm high risk today. I was told part of this is based on age and part on the fact there was a little more fluid at the neck. Very worried. I'm told if I want the test that it has to be tomorrow and no later. I'm seeing my doctor to discuss the details in the morning.

Re: CVS test?

  • I don't have any personal experience with the CVS test, but I believe @marijaa had it done.  She may be able to offer you some insight.  Best wishes, whatever you decide.
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    @gallaura  I just wrote this on your other post as well, but I am sure you are stressing out a bit so I am copying and pasting it here as well in case you find this one first!

    We had ours last Tuesday and got results yesterday (just 1 week wait). No chromosomal abnormalities and its a girl. Doc went through abdomen. Was a difficult decision to make but we felt the stress of the CVS was going to be easier to handle than the stress of not being 99.9% sure LO was ok. I am AMA and we did IVF with ICSI so at a higher risk. Also, due to a vanishing twin at 8w none of my blood work is viable to use in conjunction with the NT scan or 2nd Tri screening. Investigate the hospital and doc doing the procedure as CVS is not as common as amnio throughout the U.S. Our hospital mc rates were 1 in 350 for both CVS and Amnio which is quite good. Hope this helps!

    Quick add on regarding the procedure:  The test itself was uncomfortable but manageable.  Since we did IVF I am somewhat OK w/ needles.  There is a needle poke for numbing the skin in the beginning and then a quick tight cramp for about 5-10 seconds while doc was retrieving fluid.  Took longer to set up the u/s and equipment than than the procedure itself.  I tried to go to my happy place and relax while it was happening.  Mild cramping the next few days, no spotting.  Doc said you shouldn't have spotting if going through abdomen.  Took the day off and laid on the couch all day.  I was back at work the following day w/ slight random cramping but overall felt pretty good.  
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  • I didn't do it, but I fully intended to. We ended up doing an ultrasound, then Materna Plus and our doctor thought that was sufficient. I had every intention of doing it, though. I let my doctor know at our first appointment.
  • Thank you for your responses. I just met with my doctor and we decided I should have the procedure. I'm very scared of losing a healthy baby but apparently the doctor has only had 1 miscarriage in 2 years. Please send lots of prayers that the baby is healthy and will be okay. This being over 40 makes life difficult.
  • I am sure it's a tough decision, but I'm glad that you were able to spend time talking it over with your doctor.  When will you have the CVS done?  Keep us posted, please!
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  • So you will never guess! I was picking my husband up from work to come with me to the CVS appointment. I get a phone call saying they didn't calculate all my numbers. They had left out the nasal bone measurements. Once they added this in, I was low risk. So major sigh of relief. However it really made me angry too since I was so close to have a procedure which could have caused a miscarriage!
  • Wow!  So glad to hear that you are actually at low risk and the CVS won't be necessary!  It sucks that you had to go through so much stress leading up to this, but thank goodness they recalculated your numbers before you actually had the test.  I hope you are able to relax and enjoy your weekend!
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  • Hi! Glad you won't need this but indeed, I had it done. If you click on my profile, one of the discussions I started is on the CVS and my experience (sorry for brevity, holding baby with other hand!).
  • Thanks for everyone's support! You ladies are the best!
  • That's great news! Thank God they caught it in time. I'm sure it would have been fine, but who wants to do anything for no reason? Hopefully they triple check everything moving forward, scary!
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