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Hey ladies. I'm new to this site and figured this was the safest forum to post in! Haha.
So I should start by mentioning myself and my spouse have been ttc for a while now. I miscarried my first pregnancy a little over a year ago so I'm really wishful that I'll get a bfp soon. Anyways, I am usually on a 26 day cycle and afterwards I usually have a dry phase after my period ends. I started bleeding lighter than normal on the 21st of may. It subsided after two and a half days and I just had some spotting for the last day. Normally this goes on for five days. I didn't think much of it and assumed I was just having an off period. But then on the 28th (a week later) I had a thick clear jelly discharge with pink spotting. This has never happened to be before so it took me by surprise. I was fine 2-3 days and then experienced it again, and again today. I have been feeling lethargic and fatigued but aside from that I don't have many symptoms..I'm curious as to whether this could be a sign of pregnancy or perhaps something else? Any input is appreciated!

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