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Universal Studios while pregnant?

We have been planning our summer trip to Universal Studios Hollywood for a few months now.. My husband has put in for leave in the army and I have asked for my days off.. Pretty much everything is set for us to go!

A few days ago I found out we are pregnant!! And we are completely elated and over the moon!! We have been trying for almost a year and our daughter has been asking for a sibling!! I don't want to cancel our trip and ruin summer for my husband and my daughter.. And I know I can't ride roller coasters and I'm okay with that.. I just wanted to know if anyone has gone while pregnant and what there is to do for us pregos lol.

Re: Universal Studios while pregnant?

  • In terms of rides, not much:( but the Waterworld live show is actually fun:) better than the movie... Lots of little things like exhibits and such.
  • I went during my tenth week of pregnancy - I did the monorail-type rides and a lot of the 3D theatre experiences. I drew the line at roller coasters that required shoulder straps, but everything else was totally fine.
    Just a note: drink more water than you would ever think you'd need! I got dehydrated before I even knew what hit me - got a migraine, and that was the only time I've thrown up my entire pregnancy!

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  • I went through week 14, went to live shows and couple other things. It tells you in the map what rides pregnant women can go on and to avoid.

    I just like being there with the family more.
  • We just got back from Florida and we went to Sea World, I was 27 weeks and it was 102 degrees. Drink nothing but water and lots of it. I didn't do any rides, my husband did the rides with our DS. Check to see if you can bring in your own waters there, you can at Sea World and I froze 4 bottles and drank those before having to purchase some from the park.
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  • I went at 12 weeks, saw shows and walked around. I still had a blast.
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    I have not gone on a trip like this while pregnant, but i have learned the most important thing is to drink lots of water. I was romping around, well some romping and a lot of standing, out the the sun, for about 2 hours, a couple weeks ago and almost passed-out. I was filming something,so I had to put down my umbrella and I was not drinking as much water as I thought I was.
  • I used to work at an (Australian) theme park. If you did want to go on rides, as long as you don't go on one with a lap bar you should be fine. It's the sudden jarring and the lap bar going into your belly that causes issues. I went to one when I was pregnant last and I couldn't go on anything but there were heaps of animals to look at. You can make your own fun.

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    Disneyland/world might be better as far as stuff for you to do. :)
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