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Intro and Babywearing Dilemma

Hello...since this is my first post, I thought I should introduce myself. My son, C, was born this February, and he is just now 4 months old. (I'm a FTM.) I also am active on the TTGP board, and have lurked the heck out of the Feb15 BMB and the other parenting boards. I am staying home with C right now, but will be going back to work as a teacher at the beginning of the next school year. 

My question:
Do any of you have a child with a clubfoot or similar problem that was corrected with boots and bar? So far his treatment is going fantastic, but I am really struggling to figure out how to babywear. He definitely likes to be held ALL THE TIME. I am starting to be resigned to carrying my 17 pound chunk until he goes to only night wear mid July. Any suggestions? Ring slings are out, and the baby bjorn just is not comfy for me. His legs can only get so far apart, so even my mei tai (infantino) can't be worn exactly optimally. (sigh) Should I just give up for the next 6 weeks and think of it as strength training?  
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