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Sip 'n See and Registry?

I'm Jewish so when family and friends have asked about throwing a baby shower (this is my first), I've politely declined for cultural reasons. What I would really like to do is have a Sip 'n See after the baby is born. My question is that people keep asking about where I'm registered and what they can get me, it feels weird and tacky to me to make a registry for a party after the baby is born, like "I didn't want to have a traditional baby shower, but please buy me presents now!" I looked around on TB and googled my question, but haven't really found a good answer, curious what you all think and what has been your experience with this. Thanks!

Re: Sip 'n See and Registry?

  • Hmmmm. 

    So, I am not Jewish, but am somewhat aware of the cultural taboo against buying things for the baby before it's born. I honestly think your best response here is when someone asks to give them the short version of why. Knowledge is power and all. 

    Are you still planning on making a registry anyway? (you know, completion discounts and such) If you are, there is nothing wrong with letting people who ask about a registry know where you are registered. "Oh, we're not having a shower for cultural reasons, but I registered here to help keep track of things"

    If you're not planning on making a registry, I wouldn't make one just because people are asking where you're registered. 

    I hope this helps.
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  • You can always have a registry and tell people where it is when they ask you about it.

    However, since a sip and see isn't by its nature a gift giving event like a shower is (though many people will still bring gifts), I would not advertise registry information on the invitation for this event. If anyone asks, tell them. Most people will just Google your name and be able to find it if they want it.
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    Basically ditto the two people above me.

    Registries actually aren't just about having a shower.  People create registries to track what they need, to get a discount, etc.  So to have one doesn't mean you expect people to buy you gifts.  If you WANT to create one, that's fine.  And when people ask where you're registered, it's fine to tell them.  They WANT to get you a gift that you need! 

    And I agree- don't mention your registry in any sip n' see invitations.
  • Thanks ladies! I really wasn't even thinking about the completion discounts and other benefits of having a registry...just one more thing to add to the list!
  • I'm not having a baby shower (raging introvert in a family where all the women hate each other, best just to not bother), but I'm still going to be registering. Nbd.
  • I register to keep track of all the stuff I want/need.
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