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Water question

just wondering if anyone has advice or experience giving LO water. It gets very hot where I live and sometimes he needs to drink but I can't get to a place to make a bottle. So I was wondering if it's ok to give LO water if it's hot out.

Re: Water question

  • No water until at least 6 months of age.
  • If your LO needs to drink something then she needs either formula or BM. You might want to come up with a plan for making bottles while you are out, if that's what you offer your LO. Water is not necessary.
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  • There was a couple a couple weeks ago charged with killing their baby because they diluted breast milk with water. They cannot have it until 6mths by itself. And even then it is only small ounces at a time. It messes with the baby's electrolytes.
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  • Ah thanks ladies. I wasn't sure about this so your advice is very helpful. Thanks!
  • When out I bring a couple bottles already filled w nursery water and then just dump in premeasured powdered formula and mix. Easy for on the go.
  • No water until 12 months, they've changed the wording of the recommendation. No other liquids besides breast milk/formula for 12 months and introduce solid foods at 6 months.
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