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Cries before bedtime. Advice please.

My husband and I welcomed our daughter October 1 of last year, 3 months premature. She is now almost 8 mos or 5 mos adjusted. About 3 weeks ago she began crying every night before bed. It is a screaming cry wih tears and Nothing can calm her down...except a car ride. We have tried it all...making sure she's getting naps, bath, feeding, diapering, bed time routine, etc. 3 weeks ago crying was rare for her, there were many days she wouldn't cry once. Now, this crying event before bed sometimes lasts up to an hour. This weekend we worked really hard to keep her on schedule. We got her to sleep but about 20 min later she woke up screaming again. We are at a loss. We have wondered about teething, but she is so happy/content the other 23 hours a day. Any advice is appreciated and please do not tell me it's just her witching hour...need hope! Also, we have tried the swing, swaddle, put in crib, being held, etc.

Re: Cries before bedtime. Advice please.

  • She's figured out your bedtime routine & just doesn't like it. There isn't much else to be done. You have to ride it out. Don't let her CIO (I'm against this method in all forms). Do what you have to get her back to sleep. Wash, rinse, repeat.

    It's trying but it's normal developmental behavior. She's smart & expressing her displeasure for having to sleep.

    Do you use white noise?
    Night light?

    You might try other methods to see if she is calmed, but she could just be pissed off that it's bed time.

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  • I totally agree with @PrimRoseMama that your baby figured out it's bedtime and she just doesn't like it! My DD does the same thing when I take her in her room for a nap. She sees her room, the fact that it's dark and when I sit in the rocking chair with her she freaks out. Feeding her calms her down but still, these babies know what's up.

    Whatever you choose to do you have to be 100% consistent or she will not change.

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  • I agree with the others...but could it also be Silent Reflux? My DD3 had it and it only bothered her at night. Screaming fits. No lie. I was pulling my hair out. Just a thought.
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    My baby loves it when I sing to him. It makes him happy and he smiles every time. I sing him a bedtime song before bed or even naps. He loves it, puts his thumb into his mouth, and goes right to sleep every night in his crib. I just leave him in his crib and he has learned to self soothe (pediatrician recommended this advice).

    How long is he napping during the day?

    He could be sleeping too much during the day and not actually be sleepy when you put him to bed.

    Children love routine so try to be consistent.
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    She might be overtired... try moving bedtime up 15 minutes..  OR she could not be sleepy enough so try moving bedtime back 15 minutes...   both overtired and undertired babies do this so you have to play detective!
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