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cloth vs disposable

I am a FTM and don't have any experience with cloth diapers. I've considered trying it to save money but idk how much of a pain it will be. Anyone have experience with cloth diapers?

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  • I started cloth diapering at the end of my first 2 children's diapering days and I plan on going with cloth for my third little one. Some people like it and others hated it who I talked to. I felt that I was doing something good for my family (saving money) and for my children (we only experienced 1 diaper rash in the 4 months we cloth diapered) and hey it's good for the environment too. You will need to find a system of storing, cleaning, and preparing the diapers that works best for you. At the end of the day they do require more work, but I never found it to be overwhelming. There are diaper rental services out there that you can try out to see if you like it and then at least you haven't fully invested in it. You will have to do your research and decide for yourself if this is something you can do. I didn't find it to be that much extra work for us to be able to handle. Also, my husband thought I had lost my marbles during this time, so there wasn't support from him, and it was still worthwhile to me ;) this time he is much more on board especially since we won't have the start up costs!
  • I agree with everything @robomama said. We've been cloth diapering DD since was two weeks old and we couldn't imagine it any other way. My advice is keep up with the laundry if you get lazy one week it seriously sucks. We love thristies brand of diapers they are reasonably priced IMO though there are many great brands. this is a great website that I visited frequently to build up my knowledge of cloth before DD. I think there is also a board of cloth diapering on the bump but everything has changed a bit since DD so I'm not sure where it is. Good luck mama
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  • I don't have any experience with cloth diapers myself, but have heard it can be difficult to find a daycare that would use them.
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    Thanks for the website! I'll do my research. Still plenty of time to decide.
  • We are planning to cloth diaper. I was researching it when we had our loss 3 years ago. I did the math for DH and showed him how k uch we could save even with two or so extra loads of laundry a week. Plus littles are so darn cute with fluffy butts!!
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  • I have done it for the last two years with my second child and love it. That's the only thing I bought for my new one coming.
    I suggest doing some research, there are some great websites out there and looking at prices of diapers (both new and used ). I love the resale value of cloth. I think it's one of the best things. I save money not buying disposable and then get to resell them when we're done!
    There are tons of options, from prefolds to all in ones. You decide what will work best for your family.
    I have not felt like laundry is a big deal. As a newborn maybe a load every other day and now I do an extra load about every three days. Especially as a newborn I love looking at all the cute little diapers that laundry was actually fun for me! ;)
    We use cloth wipes (I sewed flannel together) which saves on buying wipes too.
    I would suggest taking the next few months to research what you think you would use and go from there. I know they are day cares that are becoming more cloth friendly especially when you can show how easy some can be. Researching cloth diapers was my nesting last pregnancy! Once you have specific questions feel free to come back and ask!
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  • We CD also, and absolutely love it! I don't have much to add that hasn't already been said by pps, except my daycare is very cloth diaper friendly. I had to teach the teachers in DDs room how to put them on her properly, but as soon as they got over the learning curve things have been great.
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  • We cloth diaper and it's wonderful. A extra load of laundry here and there. No nasty chemicals or risk of chemical burns.
  • There's another thread on this topic in the board with a bunch of other good advice too. :)
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