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  • Blaire is beautiful!
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  • Blaire is ok but I'm not crazy about he way it sounds with Lynn.
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  • Lynn is a family name, and I don't want a long middle name bc we have a long last name.
  • Blair is on my list so obviously I like it! Agree that it sounds better with two syllables but your call. As for your husband, if he hates it, he hates it, so you may not be able to force it on him.

  • Blair is okay. 

    But Ari is an actual name with a completely different pronunciation than what you are proposing. And your husband gets a say in this as well, so his thoughts and feelings are valid.

    I would keep looking. Maybe go to the  SSA site and look at names 100 and up?
  • Blaire is my daughters middle name. She is 4 now. I love it and get tons of compliments on it!!! I was going have it be her first name but our other favorite was Melanie and Blaire Melanie didn't sound as good as Melanie Blaire.
    go for it!!! I agree about top ten names. Thinking outside the box is best!
    GOOD LUCK!!!
  • I love it, I've never heard it for a boy, so it's all girl to me. Very cute. Your hubby does get a say, though.
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  • Blaire is ok but I'm not crazy about he way it sounds with Lynn.

    This and maybe I am pronouncing your nickname wrong but it doesn't sound like a nn for Blair to me.
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  • Love Blaire, not sure about the NN though
  • I would just go with Ari.
  • I love Blaire! My husband hated it but it was my top name for a very long time!
  • That's my name so...I think it is pretty awesome!
  • I like Blaire...but I'm not a fan of naming a kid one thing and only ever using the middle name.  Just a personal preference.  
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  • I love Blaire. I don't like Ari as a nickname though. Ari is pronounced are-ee.

    Would your husband find Claire as a good compromise? I love Claire even more than Blaire.

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  • I quite like Blaire. Not crazy about the nickname...
  • I guess I'm in the minority, but I like the name and nickname. When we got married, my husband and I compromised that if I took his last name, I got to pick first name and he got middle for any future kids. Guess it's too late to try something like that here.
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    Blaire is ok but I'm not crazy about he way it sounds with Lynn.

    I agree with this. Love the name Blaire, but not sure about the middle name with it. 
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    I don't quite understand the reasoning behind wanting to give a nickname to a single syllable name in the first place but anyways Blair is really cute in its own right
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