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7 weeks and no symptoms

Hi, this is my very first pregnancy so I am very new to all this! I am 7 weeks pregnant and have absolutely no symptoms at all! I haven't felt sick, my boobs aren't sore and haven't grown, I've got no cravings! Nothing has changed! I keep panicking that something is wrong. I have taken 5 tests now and all are positive so I'm definitely pregnant! But am worried that no symptoms is a bad sign! :( x

Re: 7 weeks and no symptoms

  • roziekroziek member
    This is my first pregnancy too and I'll be 8 weeks Tuesday. So far I haven't had any symptoms either...except for being hungry all the time! I find myself eating something every 2-3 hours. I've also been snacking on saltines throughout the day to try to avoid any nausea and so far it's worked for me (thankfully)! I don't think it's a bad sign that we don't really have symptoms, I'm just pretty much counting my blessings :) good luck with everything!
  • March92March92 member
    Oh I am so glad there is someone else in my situation! I feel awful complaining about having no symptoms because of all the poor ladies out there who have been suffering with lots of symptoms! I just can't help worrying! I have so long until my first scan to find out that everything is ok! You have definitely made me feel so much better though! Thank you! :)
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  • This is extremely common, some women have no symptoms, some have all the symptoms, and some come and go. Also, before you post asking about spotting, that's normal too.

    Please utilize the search function in the future.
  • This is my 2nd pregnancy but with my first I didn't really have any symptoms in early pregnancy except stronger sense of smell. This time my boobs hurt but that's about it for now. Once you have your 1st appt and hear the baby's heartbeat you will feel so much better!
  • This is my first pregnancy and im currently just over 7 weeks. Ive felt a small amount of nausea but mainly just have sore breasts i just had my first scan and seeing the little heartbeat was the best thing ever. Makes it all feel so real :-)
  • J3spJ3sp member
    I had no symptoms with my first. It was fantastic. No nausea, no nothin! Later on there's the swelling, but nothing early. This time around I have been hit with basically every symptom that's listed. Every pregnancy is different and it can come and go I hear.
  • I was the same hardly any symptoms at all, went for my scan at 7+4 and there was my little baba with its flickering heart beat, I'm 8+1 now and mostly just feel tired and slight nausea, I'm also a first time mammy so I was soooo nervous I know how you feel, but just cause you don't have any symptoms doesn't mean something's wrong. Stay positive and just enjoy. :)
  • mnaifressermnaifresser member
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    I am one of the no symptoms people too. I have been worried as well and taking multiple preg tests! I feel terrible about not having symptoms, and also worried something is wrong. We have our doc apt in one week so all we can do is have positive thoughts! I am with you! First time mom as well! 7 weeks!
  • This is my 4th pregnancy. I had my first three children 11, 12, & 15 years ago. I only got sick 3 times (twice with the first, once with the 3rd). I'm not a "sick" person normally. I thought for sure being 11 years older since the last one, I'd be sick this go around, but I'm not. I can't say I don't have symptoms though. I'm sleepy, sore/swollen breast, and bloated. Best of luck to all of you. :)
  • Just sore boobs for me! I'll get a little nauseated if I don't eat breakfast right away, but as soon as I put something in my mouth it's gone. We had an early doctor appointment so I saw the baby & feel comfortable about no symptoms. We'll go back tomorrow to see the heartbeat! I'm hoping that feeling good lasts the whole time!  ;;)


  • I take it all back!!! Morning sickness has arrived!!!! :-&
  • I also have no symptoms, except for a little bloating here and there.  I have no idea how far along I am.  Anywhere between 5 and 7 weeks would be my guess.  I started having symptoms around 5 weeks with DS - nausea, food aversions, fatigue.  But this time, nothing at all.  Makes me very nervous.  I actually took another test today because I needed the morale boost of knowing my hcg levels are still high to register the pregnancy on a test.  Crazy I know.  Our first OB appointment is not for another 2 weeks.
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