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Any ladies taking Floradix for iron? How much to you take and how many times a day?

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  • Thj417Thj417 member
    What's that? Suspecting my iron is getting low ... All of my energy went away. Last pregnancy doc told me to get OTC iron supplement.
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  • I just bought some as my Doc. Wasn't happy with my last set of numbers and wanted me to start taking iron. I have just been taking the recommended dose which is i believe 10ml 2x a day. It tastes terrible so I am gald to wash it down with a glass of juice for that extra vitamin C to help the iron better absorb.
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  • Ok. I'm taking the same amount 10 or 15 ml 2x a day. Today is my second day taking it so I hope it helps faster than the pills I was taking.
  • @Thj417 Floradix is an liquid iron supplement. Its been recommended by my HG friends since we are prone to anemia. Just type floradix on Google and it should come up.
  • My doctor just told me to take it too. In addition to regular iron pills (tardyferon, no idea if they have it in the U.S. - I'm in Germany). However, my iron levels are just below what it should be, so I'm not taking the recommended 3x15 but only 1x15. I also have gestational diabetes, so drinking a glass of orange juice plus Floradix three times a day would mess up my blood sugar. Oh, and I also think it tastes gross!!!
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