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Heavy bleeding and cramps while pregnant

I started bleeding Thursday night. Friday morning I went to the doctor. They did a urine sample which showed I am still pregnant but will most likely end up with a miscarriage. They took blood to check my quant levels and I go back in Monday morning to see if they have dropped. I don't know whether to stay hopeful or just accost what I think I already know. Anyone else have a similar situation?

Re: Heavy bleeding and cramps while pregnant

  • Hi, I've been there myself and know how hard the wait can be. My advise is to try to do stuff to take your mind off the whole wondering back and forth thing. There will always be time to grieve later if this is a miscarriage. You and your SO can do something together, go out for lunch or dinner, maybe go to the cinema or you can go and see some good friends just anything to keep you occupied with right here and now instead what news you'll get later. Bleedings can mean different things and therefor I found it very hard to give up all hope before I got it confirmed. I was expecting the worst, but still hoped a little. I'm so sorry you are going through this! FX for you and good luck! ((Hugs))
  • Thanks so much for your kind words and advice!
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