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Promethazine (phenergan) for nausea

I get terrible morning sickness to where I end up in hospital on an iv. I took zofran with my first daughter and all was ok, it worked wonders. Now with #2 dr prescribed me phenergan and I'm feeling really anxious about taking it not sure why. I've heard how it makes you really sleepy and knocks you out. I really need something though because I ended up in er today dehydrated and with a uti. :/ anyone take this and have success?

Re: Promethazine (phenergan) for nausea

  • Phenergan will definitely get rid of your nausea, but it always knocks me out.
  • I don't know why, but I'm worried I will take it, fall asleep and not wake up. Irrational?
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  • It works, but it'll make you drowsy. 
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  • I took it. How long before I should try to drink some ginger ale or nibble on bread?
  • I had to stop taking it because I was too drowsy at work :/ I ate about half an hour after taking it though.
  • Phenergan was the only thing that helped me in my second pregnancy. Like you, I ended up in th hospital on IV fluids (on several occasions). It did make me super drowsy but it worked wonders. I found it helpful to take a half tablet to make me not so tired.
  • We use promethazine as a sedative for anxious agitated and aggression mental health patient... but, you're probs on a quarter of the dose. Its a antihistamine with sedative effects
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    Phenergan is a pregnancy category C drug. I personally would NOT risk taking it while pregnant!
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