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Passion Tea: Safe or Not?

I'm 5 weeks along after a miscarriage in February and so I'm really paranoid this time around. Tazo Passion Tea is my favorite comfort drink, but it has hibiscus in it and I'm afraid it'll hurt the baby. I can't get a hold of my OB till Monday so has anyone else already asked?

Re: Passion Tea: Safe or Not?

  • You should be perfectly fine to drink processed teas like Tazo, in any flavor. The only tea you should be wary of is something made by a shaman or backyard garden. If you are still worried, please do talk to your OB.

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  • KareninKarenin
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    Totally fine! I love it and asked my OB in first pregnancy and he said there's no problem with it.

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  • SovvySovvy
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    Totally fine. No worries there.

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