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losing hope

After 4 rounds of Chlomid its time to see a specialist. We are also meeting with a few people from DHA tomorrow to see about adopting. This whole process is so upsetting after 3 years but at least there is something to look forward to..

Re: losing hope

  • I am so sorry that you're feeling despondent.   What is your diagnosis?  If you don't have one then a specialist (reproductive endocrinologist) can definitely figure out what is going on.

    It always upsets me to see people doing multiple rounds of Clomid with an OBGYN.  If you have blocked fallopian tubes, or if the problem is male factor, Chlomid will do absolutely nothing to help.  In fact it can thin your uterine lining and make it impossible for a fertilized egg to implant.

    Don't give up until you have had FULL TESTING, including an HSG and a sperm analysis from your specialist... definitely don't do any more rounds of Clomid until this is done... you're only allowed to have 6 rounds of Clomid in your entire lifetime.   There are other drugs available to you though.

    Married for 7 years, TTC for 4 years
    dx:  Diminished Ovarian Reserve
    2 Clomid IUI's + 4 injectable IUI's= 5 BFNs and 1 mc

  • jurba25jurba25
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    I'm really sorry, hopefully the specialist can help and give you some knew found Hope. Keep your head up! Sending you good vibes
  • jnissajnissa
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    Don't lose hope! Depending on your diagnosis, there's so much more that can be done than clomid. Keep the chin up. Sending hope!
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  • Weve done the HSG tests and sperm tests and ultrasound and blood tests and they said its unexplained infertility and to try the Clomid. It is just so disheartening because i wish there was something they could tell from the testing that is preventing it so then they can fix it... so frustrating
  • I'm unexplained too, it's awful not knowing what's going on.  I really hope the specialist can find better answers for you.  hugs

    Married for 7 years, TTC for 4 years
    dx:  Diminished Ovarian Reserve
    2 Clomid IUI's + 4 injectable IUI's= 5 BFNs and 1 mc

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