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Wierd question about pee

ok so I went to my doctor the other day and he asked if I had frequent urination as a symptom I told him yes. I told him I go constantly and that I pee like a full bladder amount everytime I go regardless if it's every hour or every 15 mins. He seemed concerned about and wanted me to get tested for a bladder infection. Do you guys pee a lot when u go pee?? Btw I'm a FTM and have never had a bladder infection so I just don't know.

Re: Wierd question about pee

  • It varies a lot for me. Prior to baby I had a large bladder; now I feel like I go all the time. Sometimes its a little bit an sometimes a lot. I used to have bladder infections several times a year. If your pee is cloudy that's a sign you have one. Also if you have some back or abdomen pain that can be a symptom, but that's hard to figure out if your crampy due to pregnancy. Hope this helps a little bit.
  • Thanks it does. I don't have any symptoms of a bladder infection so that is why I didn't know why he thought I had one. I'll still get tested just to make sure I don't have one.
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