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Need some T&P's and any success stories welcome

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Need some positive thoughts ladies... I spend all night in L&D with contractions 3 minutes apart. They gave me meds to stop the contractions some IV fluids and sent me home to follow up with the dr. All my test came back normal so they do not know what caused them. I went in feeling miserable, nauseated, weak, and my belly feels bruised if you touch it. I am only 33 weeks so I have quite a few weeks to go. It is going to be a rough 7 weeks because I am in so much pain.  I'm also almost 2 cm dilated. I am hoping this baby continues to cook to a safe age and that I don't remain this miserable the remainder of my pregnancy.
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Re: Need some T&P's and any success stories welcome

  • @ToAoShesha, there's nothing posted.
  • Thank you for telling me... weird... I will redo
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  • Oh my!! Lots of Ts&Ps your way! If it helps I have been having contractions daily since 27 weeks and had a positive fetal fibronectin test at 27 weeks. I'm still preggers though! It doesn't always mean an early baby. Just keep positive and stay in constant communication with your doctor. Mine never seems bothered if I call and ask a question or concern. They have even fit me into their day last minute when I was worried and wanted to see someone pronto. Just ask a lot of questions and ask for explanations on any tests and what you should be doing or not doing in the meantime. Good luck and I will keep you in my prayers. Keep us updated on that little one growing inside!
  • Not me, but my sister-in-law started having issues with preterm labor on and off starting at 30 weeks. They put her on bedrest around 34 weeks... and then my niece decided to stay put, even after bedrest was lifted (at 36 or 37 weeks). She wound up being induced at 39w because she was running out of leave at work!
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  • I just got out of the hospital in Thursday for pre term labor. I went in early Tuesday morning with contractions 5 mins apart, they checked me in OB triage and I was already at a 3-4. So I was admitted and put it on magnesium sulfate for 24 hours to stop worked and made everything slow down. My dr put me on partial bed rest and said to take it easy. I was also given steroid shots for baby's lung development to speed up in case she does come early. Just try to take it easy and listen to your body if you feel lots of pain, pressure and contractions head to the ER. sending positive vibes and prayers!!!!
  • I have no experience, but I can say that my coworker delivered a preemie at 26 weeks-who is a perfectly healthy and thriving 5 year old little girl today. To say that she is absolutely perfect is an understatement. Whenever I panic about my daughter coming early, I remind myself of her experience and more importantly the blessed outcome.
  • Sending prayers your way!. *hugs*
  • Hope all is well :) my mom was over 3 months early early, I was almost 3 months early and my brother was almost 2 months early and we are all happy and healthy and doing great :) no one is absolutely healthy, there will always be something going on in someone's life, but with love and support you can make it :)
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