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Bad acid reflux

I've had bad acid reflux my whole life basically but it was manageable and I usually drink raw apple cider vinegar in my water and that usually helped. Now that I'm pregnant 13 weeks it's even worse and my vinegar water isn't helping. Neither do toms or milk. Does anyone have any other ways to stop it? I don't drink soda or eat greasy food a lot either. Please help. Thankyou

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  • @bethanyyy128, I had my first experience with acid reflux while pregnant last night. I drank a few bottles of water and it went away.
  • Bored so I'm lurking from 3rd trimester.  This is what my doctor said was OK:  Tums, Rolaids, and Pepcid AC.  I've read about others who were able to get an Rx from their doctor depending on the severity.

    When I took the prep to childbirth class at my hospital, the nurse said water puts out the burn.  But water doesn't seem to help me any.  Besides trying to stay away from food you know gives you issues (which for me, seems to be anything and everything), the other usual advice is try to avoid eating/drinking for several hours before you lay down.
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  • I too had/ have terrible AR. I would drink water and get it. It was THAT bad! The best thing that worked was a couple tums and laying on my left side with my head propped up. The way your stomach is put together, if you lay on your left side, it doesn't enable the Acid in your stomach to flow. It was the only thing that helped me! Good luck mama!!
  • I've also been stuggling with AR. Drinking very cold water seems to help me. Also as Motomama67 said, laying on my left side propped up helps too. I've had to stop taking tums becsue I always end up getting sick afterwards and that makes everything worse!

  • I had it really bad with DS. All the usual "good" foods made mine even worse. I had it drinking water. I had it eating nothing. The only thing that gave me relief was Prilosec (recommended by OB), but you can only take it for 2w every 3-4 mo.

    It was the best two weeks of my pregnancy.
  • I got it if I bent over... it was THAT bad...
  • AR is my arch nemesis!!!! I've had it for years, but took Nexium. OB said no to Nexium while pregnant but can take Zantac. It doesn't seem to really help, but I take it about twice a day. At night, I've been rubbing peppermint oil on my chest, the topical burn and powerful smell, help neutralize the internal burn. Been doing it every night for about 2 months, helps me to fall asleep.
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    I did Zantac at first, which helped but I had to remember to always take one in the morning and one in the evening. I switched to Prilosec OTC which usually takes care of it all day long. Occasionally I'll still get a bit in the evening and will take a Tums or a small dose Zantac. All of those were on my doctor's approved list.
  • I would stay away from drug store antacids such as Tums, etc. 
    I never needed them but one day decided to try because I had heartburn that was turning into nausea. They relieved me that day but I did notice that every day thereafter, I had regular heartburn and needed the Tums more and more often to temper the discomfort. I spoke with my midwife and she said that drugstore antacids actually can make heartburn/acid reflux worse so you end up having to take more and more (my experience exactly!)

    She put me on a prescription for Prilosec (I think she had to prescribe it because the mg was double the normal amount). I used it for literally 2 days to wean myself off of the Tums and ever since I did I only have to take it once or twice a week. Voila!
  • When I was pregnant with my daughter my heartburn was terrible. I read an article that said salty foods like pretzels help. Also a mixture of half orange juice and half red Gatorade. It sounded weird but I was desperate. It actually worked and became my go to drink when the heartburn got really bad.
  • I had heartburn starting around 24 weeks.  Tums worked at first, but by 32 weeks it was becomming unbearable.  Doctor gave me a prescription for Zantac.  You have to take one in the morning and one at night, but i'm so mad i didn't do it sooner.  Very rarely (1-2 times a week) i'll still feel the beginnings of some heartburn (usually after eating something acidic, like tomato sauce), and i can take 2 Tums and it's gone.  Otherwise, i have no issues at all.
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