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Delivery without Daddy?

My husband is in the Army (he gets out at the end of January). They just told them a couple weeks ago that they're most likely going to another state for a month of training (which will include 2+ weeks with absolutely no communication) during the month of November. My due date is Dec 1st, but we are anticipating the baby coming early (my mom had all 3 of hers early, plus I have back issues that might not allow me to make it to full term).

So, he could possibly be several states away when the baby arrives. I live in Texas. Our families are in Michigan and Georgia. And I don't have any friends here that I'm close enough to that I would have in the room with me.

Has anyone had to have a baby completely alone? How was it? Any advice on preparing mentally for it just in case it does happen? I'm a FTM and a little nervous!
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