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my 8 month baby is constipated any suggesting what should I give him? Or anything that could help him poop

Re: Constipated

  • tnr1022tnr1022 member
    Have you tried giving juice. There are some in the baby isle at the grocery store and you don't need to water them down. Consult your pedi and maybe try a few ounces of pear/prune juice for a couple days. We've been using it since DS was about a month (1-2 oz/day) upon our pedi recommendation. It seems to work in a day or two.
  • bkijekbkijek member
    Prunes, pears, peaches, Yogurt(bc of probiotics) and we've also used baby probiotics that we put in water and give to our 8 month old if he hasn't gone in a few days. Good luck!
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